Canary Islands International Travel Hotspot

The classic summer getaway usually consists of a well-planned trip to some international hotspot like Europe, Hawaii, or the Bahamas. But those looking for a slightly more unconventional experience should consider the culturally rich and aesthetically unique Canary Islands.

Located just off the southern coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago that continue to retain a vibrant Spanish influence with expansive, subtropical southern landscapes.

The word “island” may bring to mind an endless region of soft beaches and palm trees, but the Canary Islands are far more than a sleepy beach town. In many ways, the Canary Islands are a perfect all-in-one destination for any traveler, from the mountain lover to the desert bunny to the beach bum.

The islands have something for whatever mood or group you’re in, including:

  • Timanfaya National Park

    Timanfaya National Park

    Timanfaya National Park: This ethereal region was created in the 1700s after more than 100 volcanoes erupted throughout the terrain. The craters, colors and climate will make visitors to the park feel like they are walking on the moon or another planetary landscape. Located on the island of Lanzorote, the park offers unique hiking opportunities, guided tours, and even camel rides.

  • Maspalomas Sand Dunes

    Maspalomas Sand Dunes

    Maspalomas Sand Dunes: Located on the island of Gran Canaria, the dunes offer a soft, expansive view of the rolling sands. The dunes are a popular place for sunbathers and explorers alike. Adventurers can spot very unique plant and animal life in the region, and can travel around by foot or by camel.

  • La_Palma


    La Palma: For the lifelong nature lover, the island of La Palma is a heaven on earth. It offers some of the most stunning sights in the entire Canary Island region, with bountiful natural waterfalls, endless greenery, and volcanic desertscapes. The entire island is a designated biosphere reserve, and it’s easy to see why.

  • Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz: A beautiful portion of La Palma, Santa Cruz is a quaint, yet vibrant seaside town with impeccable architecture and centuries-old palaces and churches. Any design lover will be instantly smitten with the way Santa Cruz combines natural views with thoughtful structures.

Of course, as with any international travel, a trip to the Canary Islands may present a few unique health risks, especially to those with delicate systems. Travelers should make sure they have their rabies and Hepatitis A and B vaccines.

If any sort of medical emergency should occur in the midst of this island paradise, remember you can always rely on AngelMedFlight (AMF) to transport you or your loved one back home for medical care.

International Travel To Well Known Cities In Japan

Scottsdale, AZ – July 16, 2015

The wanderlust bug seems to bite people especially hard in these hot summer months, and many travel sites and magazines are taking advantage of that by producing lists of amazing summer destinations.

For every well-known city within any given country, there are thousands upon thousands of smaller sights and experiences waiting to be discovered. Japan is a land that offers endless magnificence and rich tradition. It is fit for the most avid of outdoor explorers and the most energetic big city folk.

Tokyo is a common, bustling hub for tourists, but it is far from the only notable asset of the country.

Nagano, Japan - World Travel Guide By Angel MedFlight

Nagano is a breathtaking option for outdoor lovers, and offers prime opportunities to climb the Japanese alps, play in the snow, or soak in a hot spring. Osaka is another popular destination, offering something for everyone with its rich history, modern influences, and expansive downtown area.

Koyasan, Japan - World Travel Guide By Angel MedFlight

Two hours south of Osaka is the pensive, peaceful area of Koyasan, where the heart of Japanese Buddhism dwells. It is a sacred getaway for those looking for ultimate relaxation and an intellectual experience for the senses.

Yet another vibrant location is Okinawa, which some compare to a Hawaii within Japan. It consists of Okinawa, Japan - World Travel Guide By Angel MedFlightseveral small islands and a subtropical climate for those looking for a warm beach getaway.

Even locals will tell you that the possibility for discovery and enjoyment in Japan is truly endless. However, as with all new destinations, any traveler should be aware of the health risks specific to the area. Travelers to Japan, especially those traveling for a significant amount of time or who have pre-existing conditions, should ensure they have Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, and Rabies vaccines.

If a health emergency were to take place overseas, remember that Angel MedFlight, a global air ambulance provider, is committed to safely and expertly transporting you back home for continued medical care. Learn more about Angel MedFlight’s international air ambulance services at

Angel MedFlight Awarded Prestigious IS-BAO Stage 2 Aviation Accreditation

Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Jet In Hangar

Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Jet In Hangar

Scottsdale, AZ – June 17, 2015

Angel MedFlight has recently earned the IS-BAO Stage 2 aviation accreditation. Awarded by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), IS-BAO certifies excellence in aviation operation and safety. With this distinction, Angel MedFlight joins an elite group of aviation operators from around the world. Families and healthcare professionals can always count on Angel MedFlight to transport their loved ones and patients safely.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance announced today that the company has earned the coveted IS-BAO Stage 2 aviation accreditation. Awarded by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), the certification verifies that Angel MedFlight has achieved and maintained the highest international standards for safety, security, efficiency, and professionalism in the aviation industry.

The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) is a code of standards and best practices designed to assist and evaluate flight departments worldwide. The Stage 2 certification is an upgrade to Angel MedFlight’s original 2013 IS-BAO Stage 1 award, and verifies achievement of safety standard milestones. There are less than 325 other air carriers in the world that currently hold this prestigious distinction.

“This award certifies that Angel MedFlight is among the elite aviation operators in the world, dedicated to safety and operational excellence. More importantly, it provides peace of mind for family members and healthcare professionals who trust us to safely transport their critically ill or injured loved ones and patients,” stated Angel MedFlight President Jason Siegert.

Certification for the award requires a comprehensive on-site audit and assessment of safety-related operational processes and management systems, including the company’s Safety Management System, Emergency Response Plan, safety policies and procedures, and documented records of aircraft operation and maintenance.

Since 1981, IBAC has evaluated aviation operators around the world. IBAC is an international, non-governmental association that represents, promotes, and protects the interests of business aviation in international policy and regulatory forums. IS-BAO is a voluntary accreditation and is recognized as a standard of excellence worldwide.

“Angel MedFlight’s IS-BAO Stage 2 award marks the successful completion of operational and safety goals set in our Stage 1 accreditation. We continually improve our process to better serve our patients and their families,” said Brandon Kearns, Director of Operations for Angel MedFlight.

Read more about the Angel MedFlight’s mission and commitment to excellence at Angel

About Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance provides domestic and international air medical transportation services with a fleet of medically configured Learjet aircraft. Built on a One Touch Promise®, Angel MedFlight’s compassionate team of medical, aviation, and insurance professionals coordinate every detail of a Bedside-to-Bedside® patient transfer to ensure seamless service on the ground and in the air. Find more information at, Facebook or on their blog at Angel MedFlight Blog.

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Angel MedFlight Earns ARGUS Platinum Rating Safety Award

Angel MedFlight has recently been awarded the ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating Award for the second year in a row. One of our team’s biggest goals is patient safety.

ARGUS Platinum Award AngelMedFlight

ARGUS Platinum Award AngelMedFlight

This is the second consecutive time that Angel MedFlight has received the ARGUS Platinum Rating, earning the first Platinum distinction in 2013. ARGUS has been evaluating aviation operators nationwide since 1995. The Platinum Rating is the organization’s highest safety honor with only 25 percent of all ARGUS rated operators receiving the award. It is recognized industry wide as a measure of excellence. The independent certification ensures consumers that Angel MedFlight adheres to the aviation industry’s highest safety standards.

“This award reflects Angel MedFlight’s continued commitment to the safety of our patients, passengers, and staff,” Angel MedFlight President Jason Siegert said. “Family members and healthcare professionals trust us to fly medically fragile patients across the country and around the world. Their confidence in our safety standards has resulted in an increased number of patient transfers. In 2015, we’ve experienced record-breaking flight volumes. There’s no doubt that patients choose us for our seamless service, compassionate care, and safety record.”

“We are very proud of this award. I believe that we have the best team in the air medical transport industry,” said Brandon Kearns, Angel MedFlight’s Director of Operations. “We are focused on safety and committed to continuous improvement. Every time an Angel MedFlight aircraft takes off, safety is our top priority.”

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Learn more about Angel MedFlight’s services and its commitment to safety at

2015 ACMA Welcome Reception Hosted By Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Angel MedFlight team - 2015 ACMA Welcome Reception Hosted By Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight team – 2015 ACMA Welcome Reception Hosted By Angel MedFlight

Scottsdale, AZ – May 28, 2015

In an exciting addition to the American Case Management Association’s (ACMA) annual conference, Angel MedFlight proudly hosted the conference’s first off-site welcome reception on April 26th. The reception took place at Angel MedFlight’s Scottsdale hangar.

During the reception, guests enjoyed dinner and dancing as well as tours of Angel MedFlight’s medically configured Learjet 60. The tour also offered guests the opportunity to meet and ask questions of the medical crew and aviation team.

After the event, many guests raved about the food, entertainment and beautiful city views presented during the reception, and said they enjoyed seeing the inner complexities of the Learjet.

Aside from providing fun, energetic entertainment, the welcome reception also served as a strong platform for case managers to build and maintain positive relationships with their peers and services their patients must rely on.

Not only did the event provide valuable networking opportunities for those involved; it also educated and inspired guests to remain steadfast in their dedication to health and safety. A highlight of the reception was hearing from Dr. Connie Mariano, a pioneer for women and racial minorities in the White House and in the U.S. Navy.

Mariano’s career is composed of highly inspirational instances of boundary breaking, and her life serves as a motivational example of what can be accomplished when individuals are dedicated to health and safety. Not only did Mariano serve as the doctor for both President Bushes and President Clinton; she was also the first Filipino-American in history to become a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral.

These accomplishments made her an exceptional, honorable keynote speaker, and guests were thrilled to hear her perspectives and experiences.

The ACMA 2015 Conference Video –

Additional Angel MedFlight videos

Angel MedFlight Dispatcher Advocates for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Kayla @ JDRF Walk for a Cure Phoenix 2015

Scottsdale, AZ – April 17, 2015

The most important assets a company possesses are its employees. Angel MedFlight is a special company, comprised of an incredibly diverse, talented and compassionate group of individuals. Billie-Jo, an important member of the AMF Dispatch Team is a very special woman, mother and employee. Billie-Jo is always willing to step in and take on more work to help the team. She has the same attitude when it comes to a cause very close to her heart.  Not only does she come to work every day and make a difference, but she prioritizes time to volunteer for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and to help families with Type 1 Diabetes.

Billie-Jo (Mom) and Kayla @ JDRF Walk for a Cure  Phoenix 2015

Billie-Jo Angel MedFlight Flight Coordinator is an advocate

When Billie-Jo’s 12 year old daughter Kayla was 2, she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).  Billie-Jo remembers taking her in and out of the doctor’s office trying to figure out why she was so lethargic and always wanting water. When she noticed Kayla’s urine was crystalized, she immediately took her to the ER. After she was stable, doctors rushed her to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She spent two weeks there while doctors cared for her. Her organs were already affected, along with her eyes. Fortunately, her organs have recovered and she sees her eye doctor every three months to keep her eyes healthy. In Mom’s eyes, she is a super hero and has become such a beautiful, strong, independent young lady.

The impact was very hard to understand for Billie-Jo and her family. No one in either family has had type 1 Diabetes. Educating themselves and their families about the disease was overwhelming; they all had to adjust to a new way of life. For Kayla, it is just her normal way of life. It’s all she has ever known. For Kayla and her family, it has been a blessing to have the support from other families and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Kayla was just recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. They have become a Gluten-Free home. Kayla not only manages Celiac and T1D, but is also an honor-roll student who loves her sports and staying active. Her passion is ice hockey and softball. She is a huge Coyotes fan with Martin Hanzal being her number one player. Kayla goes to a camp every summer with kids that have T1D. The camp keeps her involved and educated, reminding her that she is not the only one with the disease.

JDRF 4Billie-Jo is an advocate, actively seeking new knowledge of federal funding and research; discussing T1D with state lawmakers. She also gives time to help other families cope with T1D and is involved with the JDFR Walk for a Cure every year to help raise funds. Advocating for T1D is a passion for Billie-Jo making it easy to find time to stay involved.

Billie-Jo feels blessed to have found AMF. She is thankful to be a part of a team that helps so many people in so many ways. She loves knowing each day that she’s helped families in a significant way and is always excited to get to wake up and do it again the next day. “I feel like I’m part of a family and not just a company. I can honestly say this is a first for me.”

Six Time Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Van Dyken Launches Amy’s Army


Olympic Gold Medalist Amy Van Dyken Being Transported By Angel MedFlight Team

Scottsdale, AZ – February 12, 2015

She was UNSTOPPABLE. Not because she did not have failures or doubts. But because she continued on despite them.

~Beau Taplin – UNSTOPPABLE

This is the quote on Amy Van Dyken-Rouen’s Twitter page and a perfect representation of the woman that Amy is. The only thing more powerful than an unstoppable woman, is an entire army of individuals working for a single cause led by an unstoppable woman.

Angel MedFlight met Amy Van Dyken Rouen in June of last year when she was involved in a horrific ATV accident, leaving her a T-12 paraplegic. Amy and her husband Tom immediately decided to go to Craig Hospital in Denver in order to receive the best rehabilitation for her type of injury. The Angel MedFlight Team was honored to safely transport this 6 time Olympic Gold Medalist to Craig Hospital so she could take the next step in her vigorous rehabilitation process.

We’ve all heard the saying that true strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart. Amy’s not only displayed true strength but she’s taken it to a whole new level. When Amy was faced with a life-changing injury, instead of focusing on the things she could no longer do, she looked for the opportunity to do things she’d never done.

Amy learned that paraplegics and quadriplegics can expect to spend $1 million in medical expenses in the first year following their injury.  In additional to the usual medical expenses, there are many additional pieces of equipment necessary for routine living. For example, there are chairs to assist with showering, but they are very expensive and insurance doesn’t cover them. There are chairs to assist with using the restroom but again, they are expensive and insurance doesn’t cover them. Individuals who don’t have the funding for these items are left with undesirable alternatives.  After hearing story after story from individuals, Amy made the decision to start a foundation that provided essential medical equipment for people with spinal cord injuries who could not otherwise afford it.

amy van dyken foundationSix months after Amy’s injury, on December 27th 2014, she launched Amy’s Army and the Amy Van Dyken Foundation. Amy’s Army is a group of individuals including donors, employees and friends of the Amy Van Dyken Foundation who have united to become a powerful ally for those with spinal cord injuries.

We asked Amy for an update on Amy’s Army and where things are headed. “Since that date [of the launch] we have had over 200 people ask for applications for our help. We have raised over $30,000. Of that, 99% goes directly to help people with SCI. We don’t have salaries, so we can help more people with the donations. We are getting ready to have some fun and exciting events!”

amys army imageThose numbers really speak to the need that exists in the SCI community. If you’d like to learn about SCI and what is happening with research to help find a cure, you are newly injured and want to see videos of people with SCI doing amazing things, you’d like information on Amy’s Army and Amy’s Army events, you’d like to donate or purchase a shirt to show your support, please visit

To watch Angel MedFlight’s documentary of Amy’s medical flight, please visit My Real Life Moment®: Amy Van Dyken.