Gateway Academy Students Enjoyed Their Visit to Angel MedFlight

Chief Pilot Kindle Tannery helps demonstrate airline safety procedures

Chief Pilot Kindle Tannery helps demonstrate airline safety procedures

April 21, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

For about three hours on April 16th the Angel MedFlight hangar was transformed into an educational treasure trove for the wonderful students that visited us from Gateway Academy. Angel MedFlight hosted the students, in honor of National Autism Awareness Month with a hanger tour and educational event. The students arrived to find the hanger decked out with educational stations they could go to and learn about aviation, safety, flight medicine and more.


Questions and Answers session lead by Executive Vice President, Cassandra Graper.

Questions and Answers session lead by Executive Vice President, Cassandra Graper.


The event began with a Questions and Answers session lead by Executive Vice President, Cassandra Graper. Plenty of Angel MedFlight crew and staff were on hand to help field questions. The students had great questions about the jets we fly and the destinations we’ve gone to and more. After the Q&A the students took turns visiting the educational stations. Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics dressed in their flight suits demonstrated CPR on special CPR manikins and answered questions about their role in the medical transport and the students got to try their new CPR skills on the manikins themselves.


Learning CPR

Learning CPR






At another station there was an inflated survival life raft the students could get in while they listened to Director of Operations for Aviation West Charters explain survival techniques and answer questions about the aircraft we use.


Students learned about flight medicine

Students learned about flight medicine

Students enjoyed the CPR demonstration

Students enjoyed the CPR demonstration


Students got a chance to win Angel MedFlight prizes in a fun airplane toss game and each student got a special keepsake photo taken against a custom Angel MedFlight green screen background that they can put inside an Angel MedFlight mouse pad they each received.

The Airplane Toss game was a hit!

The Airplane Toss game was a hit!

Students got a special keepsake photo

Students got a special keepsake photo


Phoenix’s Fox 10 news was there to cover the event and the reporter got everyone to dance on camera. It was a good time had by all and the students learned a lot about what we do. Angel MedFlight also surprised the students by donating 15 iMac computers to Gateway Academy.

A chance to be a Flight Nurse!

A chance to be a Flight Nurse!








“Hosting this event for the Gateway Academy students was more than raising awareness during National Autism Month and giving back to the community,” said Executive Vice President, Cassandra Graper, “it was our way of providing these students with the opportunity to learn about the air medical and aviation industry and providing them with tools that will help further their education while back in the classroom.”

The students of Gateway Academy and the Angel MedFlight Crew had a fun time!

The students of Gateway Academy and the Angel MedFlight Crew had a fun time!

Angel MedFlight Gives Back to Community During National Autism Month

Learjet 60

Learjet 60

April 16, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


April is National Autism Awareness Month. Angel MedFlight is honoring students at Gateway Academy by providing them with a special donation and an educational event.



The characteristic behaviors of autism spectrum disorder may or may not be apparent in infancy (18 to 24 months), but usually become obvious during early childhood (24 months to 6 years). As part of a well-baby/well-child visit, your child’s doctor should perform a “developmental screening,” asking specific questions about your baby’s progress. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) lists five behaviors that warrant further evaluation:

  • Does not babble or coo by 12 months
  • Does not gesture (point, wave, grasp) by 12 months
  • Does not say single words by 16 months
  • Does not say two-word phrases on his or her own by 24 months
  • Has any loss of any language or social skill at any age


Any of these five “red flags” does not mean your child has autism. But because the symptoms of the disorder vary so much, a child showing these behaviors should have further evaluations by a multidisciplinary team. This team may include a neurologist, psychologist, and developmental pediatrician, speech/language therapist, learning consultant or other professionals knowledgeable about autism.


The Autism Society

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the prevalence rate for autism is now 1 in 68, which is an increase of over 30% from the 2008 CDC report. “The Autism Society continues to be concerned with the increasing prevalence of autism. In the next few days, many will discuss the reasons behind the new prevalence rates. The Autism Society and our 110 local and state affiliates are ready and willing to assist the growing population, now in the millions, of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). “We know that a diagnosis doesn’t always mean services will start right away; whether it’s screening, diagnosis, interventions, or services, the earlier we take action, the better,” said Scott Badesch, President and CEO of the Autism Society of America.  For more information, go to: The Autism Society press release.


Gateway Academy

Gateway offers a different approach to learning for students that have had frustrating experiences at other schools Their program help build self-esteem and encourage learning. They customize the learning for their students.

Gateway Academy provides a unique educational environment for students from age five to nineteen years of age with Asperger’s syndrome, High Functioning Autism, PDD-nos, social/behavioral issues, emotional and social difficulties and specific learning difficulties associated with spectrum disorders.


Angel MedFlight Gives Back

We’re excited to have the students from Gateway Academy visit us and give them the opportunity to tour the hanger and see our aircraft up close. During the visit the students will get to visit several information stations in the hanger to ask questions and learn about the aircraft, flight medicine, aircraft maintenance and more. There will also be games, prizes and photo opportunities. We’re also pleased to announce that we will be donating 15 iMac computers to Gateway Academy for the students. We hope that these computers will help benefit the schools already terrific academics program at Gateway and we feel privileged to be able to help in honor of National Autism Awareness Month


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every 68 children in the U.S. currently has autism, and reports show that number could be even higher. The number represents a nearly 30 percent spike from estimates just years ago calculating one in every 88 children had the disorder.



Angel MedFlight Logbook

Angel MedFlight transports patients worldwide.

Angel MedFlight transports patients worldwide.


April 14, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

In March, Angel MedFlight had a record-breaking month, transporting patients and their family members from all around the globe, including an 8,011 mile flight from T’ai Pei to Texas. When all was said and done our pilots and medical crew flew our Learjets an astonishing total of 103,254 statute miles worldwide.


We fly patients for any number of medical reasons. In March, the largest number of flights was for post trauma recovery. The ages of our patients are as diverse as the reasons they need a medical transport. Our youngest passenger in March was only 85 days old, and our oldest patient was 95 years young.


We’re so glad that we can help so many people in need of medical transports. It’s our honor to have made a positive impact on these patient’s lives. Our team stands ready 24/7/365 to go anywhere in the world to transport patients.

The Top 5 Reasons To Choose Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight Crew

Angel MedFlight Crew

April 10, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


Angel MedFlight is the world’s leading air ambulance service provider. The way Angel MedFlight operates is unique and sets a new standard for the air medical transport industry. Below are the Top-Five reasons you should choose Angel MedFlight for your patient’s air medical transport.


 5. The Best, Highly Trained Medical Crews – Angel MedFlight Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics undergo extensive training, hold additional certifications and attend continuing education training. They train on a high tech patient simulator called SimMan®3G.


4. Jets!! – Angel MedFlight transports patients on jet aircraft.  Unlike brokers, Angel MedFlight owns, operates and maintains a fleet of medically configured Learjet 35s and 60s. Jets fly higher, above the weather, have longer ranges, are faster and safe. With jets, Angel MedFlight has a Global Reach, transporting patient across the country or around the world.


3. Bedside-to-Bedside® – Angel MedFlight’s medical crew is with your patient for every segment of the entire medical transport, including on the ground and in the air.  Bedside-to-Bedside®ensures continuity of care.


2. Safety – ARG/US International awarded Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance with its highest honor, the prestigious Platinum Rating. Only the safest, most trustworthy charter operators and aviation companies receive this elite award.  Angel MedFlight is committed to safety and is proud to have a perfect safety record.


1. One Touch Promise® – Angel MedFlight employs a team of experts in medicine, aviation, case management and insurance law. One Touch Promise® means that when you pick up the phone and call Angel MedFlight, their highly skilled team goes to work for you. They do all the legwork, coordinate every aspect and handle every detail of the medical flight, including contacting the insurance company, ground ambulance transfer, coordinating schedules with medical facilities and more. Angel MedFlight is an advocate for their patients.

Angel MedFlight Proud to be Gold Sponsor of Make-A-Wish Ball

Angel MedFlight's table at the Make-A-Wish Ball

Angel MedFlight’s table at the Make-A-Wish Ball


April 9, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


Angel MedFlight was delighted to be a Gold Sponsor at the 2014 Wish Ball for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, held on Saturday, April 5 at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale.

The Wish Ball, which celebrates the mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, raises funds to grant the wishes of Arizona children with life-threatening medical conditions, and has long been a significant event for the chapter.

Each year the event raises millions for the children’s foundation. Approximately 570 people attended this year’s event.

The Wish Ball included a program, silent and live auction and entertainment for guests, and brought together donors with wish families and wish kids who attended as guests of Make-A-Wish Arizona.

Just as the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted the wishes of many children, Angel MedFlight also has helped families make their critically ill children’s dreams come true. One example is “Jaxon’s Story,” as featured in the video series, “My Real Life Moment,” (which tells the stories of real patients). Viewers can “ride along” on our air ambulance flights and get an inside look at the patient care provided by our critical care flight nurses and paramedics.

Jaxon Davis was a lovable five-year-old boy whose courageous battle with brain cancer was trumped only by his compassion for other children in the hospital. His parents describe how they learned of Angel MedFlight when Jaxon’s condition worsened while they were on vacation. An anonymous donor stepped in and helped get little Jaxon transported home.

Because of that flight, his parents explained, Jaxon was able to see a cherished childhood friend one last time.. His parents set up an organization to carry on their son’s legacy helping other children, called, “Jaxon’s Frog Foundation.” To learn more about Jaxon’s story and other Angel MedFlight’s transport patients’ experiences, visit My Real Life Moment series. You can learn more about the Make-A-Wish Foundation here.



Angel MedFlight Attending the ACMA 2014 Annual Conference

Chicago Skyline Photo By Ben Grey

Chicago Skyline
Photo By Ben Grey


April 2, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


Angel MedFlight is happy to announce that we are a returning Platinum sponsor, exhibitor and guest speaker at the American Case Manager Association (ACMA) 2014 Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois,

April 10th -13th. The conference is the country’s largest event specifically for health care delivery system case management and transitions of care professionals. Angel MedFlight will present a break-out session on Saturday April 12 from 10:30 – 11:45 a.m. entitled “The Critical Role of Case Managers in Air Medical Transport and Continuity of Care.”


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has significantly changed the way in which care is delivered in the U.S. As regulations are revised and new rules are released, health care delivery system case management and transition of care has become increasingly important to ensure an effective and efficient care process.


The conference will feature up to 24 hours of continuing education, more than 50 case management leaders and healthcare experts speaking on a variety of timely topics and more than 130 sponsors and exhibitors. Events will include Essential Education for Physician Advisors and Medical Directors in

Case Management, Pediatrics-Focused Sessions and Strategic Planning: Now That you are at the Table,

What Will You Serve? There will be continuing education classes, additional break-out sessions, a silent auction and closing party.


Angel MedFlight’s medical personnel themselves participate in continuing education on an annual basis, which includes:

  • Annual airway management lectures
  • Hazardous materials recognition & response
  • Infection control
  • Stress recognition & management
  • Survival training
  • Flight safety/egress training
  • Critical care for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • Emergency/trauma care
  • Invasive procedure labs including a minimum of 5 intubations per year


We believe strongly in the importance of events like the ACMA Conference to bring together professionals in the industry to learn and share best practices as well as the opportunity to dialogue in person about the needs of patients in transition of care.



Travel Assurance Promise™ – Don’t Leave Home Without It!


March 10, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

You’ve got your passport, researched and found the perfect hotel, bought your airline tickets and planned out your adventures for your dream trip. But did you ever consider what would happen if you got sick or injured while traveling? Did you know that more than 13.5 million travelers are hospitalized each year while traveling away from home?

Today’s travelers are more adventurous, going on Eco-Vacations and traveling to more exotic, remote locations than ever before. When traveling, people tend to be more courageous, trying new sports and extreme activities. Not many people think about what would happen if they ever got injured or sick far from home. What if you’re in a country where the medical care and hospitals are sub-par and you need to be evacuated home for critical care?

The truth is accidents and illness can happen anywhere, anytime and if you need a medical flight home, you may be in store for a surprise. Not all health insurance policies, trip insurance plans or credit cards cover medical transport. If you’re too ill to travel by a commercial flight, you may need to rely on an air ambulance to bring you home. As a matter of fact, more than 500,000 air medical transports happen worldwide every year and if you don’t have coverage, it could cost you estimated thousands to hundreds of thousand dollars.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution for this. Angel MedFlight, is partnered with Travel Assurance Promise™. Travel Assurance Promise™ has membership plans to fit every travelers needs, from two week plans, one-month plans, annual and five year plans for the frequent traveler. The plans include ground ambulance and medical air transport on an Angel MedFlight jet, like one of our medically configured Learjet 60s. Angel MedFlight offers unsurpassed quality in medical transport and customer service. With our Bedside-to-Bedside® medical transfer service, you’ll be accompanied by a team of Angel MedFlight’s highly trained medical personnel for every segment of your medical transfer, including ground and air.

Angel MedFlight’s jets are configured like a high-tech flying ICU, that can transport a patient with any number of medical conditions including, but not limited to: neonatal and pediatrics patients, burn and wound patients, traumatic brain injury (TBI’s) patients, spinal cord injury patients, status post trauma, organ transplant recipients, open or closed head injury patients, respiratory illness and cancer patients.

Travel Assurance Promise™ representatives are available to respond to your call 24/7/365. Once you’re a member you’ll have peace-of-mind for your trip. If the unexpected happens and you are sick or injured, the process is simple for members of Travel Assurance Promise™.

1. Activate

Should you be faced with an unexpected emergency and become hospitalized, you or your loved one can activate your membership with a simple phone call to Travel Assurance Promise™. Then Angel MedFlight, will manage the logistics of your air medical transport from Bedside-to-Bedside®.

2. Communicate

A team of Angel MedFlight case managers will review your case and work in conjunction with the attending and receiving facility physicians to ensure all your medical needs are met.

3. Dispatch

Angel MedFlight will dispatch a state-of-the-art, medically configured jet to your location.


4. Transport

Your air medical transport will include two critical-care medical personnel to accompany you from your bedside at the sending hospital to your bedside at the receiving facility to ensure you are receiving the best possible care, comfort and support during your medical flight.

In a recent MSN Money article, they said “Your existing health insurance may cover you to some degree while traveling, but complications can include medical care outside of your provider network or the exclusion of coverage overseas. Some health care providers in other countries also require immediate payment. Travel insurance may be able to fill the gaps in your health insurance coverage in the event of an accident or medical emergency. However, be aware that some policies may limit coverage for pre-existing conditions and older travelers.”

Furthermore, it’s important to note that some travel insurance companies may only cover the cost to the nearest adequate medical facility, by most economic means. This might mean they can’t bring you back home like Travel Assurance Promise™ can.

Traveling is fun and creates a lifetime of special memories for you and your companions. Don’t let an unforeseen event like an injury or illness ruin your experience and perhaps even cause you financial difficulties. Travel wisely and be prepared. When you’re planning your adventure to Costa Rica or your trip to Belize, also take time to look into Travel Assurance Promise™. With a team like Angel MedFlight and Travel Assurance Promise™ on your side, you can travel safe, travel prepared and travel assured!

Angel MedFlight Obtains State of Nevada Air Ambulance Transportation License

Nevada Desert

Nevada Desert


March 5, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is proud to announce that we have been granted the State of Nevada Emergency Medical System’s Air Ambulance Transportation permit (Official State Permit No. 16477).


The mission of the State of Nevada Emergency Medical Systems program is to promote and support a system that provides prompt, efficient and appropriate emergency medical care, ambulance transportation and trauma care to the people of Nevada.


Current law – NRS 450B.830 – outlining required air ambulance licensing was amended on October 1, 2013 by Nevada State Senate Bill 285 (SB 285), prohibiting emergency air ambulance providers from transporting patient to or from the State of Nevada without first complying with the state’s medical, safety and transportation requirements. SB 285 only relates to “emergency medical services” which does not relate to the long-range, non-emergent air ambulance transports we typically handle.


In light of the actual designation of SB 285 as relating to licensing requirements for emergency services only, Angel MedFlight decided to further our commitment to safety by obtaining the State of Nevada License, (Official Permit No. 16477) despite the State of Nevada Emergency Medical Systems Division informing us that we are not required to have it.


The Angel MedFlight team is truly committed to the care and safety of our patients.  We are pleased to continue providing air ambulance services to Nevada hospitals and medical facilities and the residents of Nevada.

Air Travel and Deep Vein Thrombosis

Moving around on long flight can help prevent DVT

Moving around on long flight can help prevent DVT

March 3, 2014 (Scottsdale, AZ)


People who travel frequently by airplane may be at risk for a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). DVT is a condition when a blood clot forms deep in the veins of the lower extremities. Doctors diagnose DVT in 600,000 Americans each year according to  When a part of the blood clot breaks off and travels to the lungs, this is known as a pulmonary embolism. PE’s can be life threatening if left untreated. A condition that involves DVT and PE is referred to as a venous thromboembolism (VTE).


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 300 million people travel on long-distance flights each year. You could be at risk of developing VTE if you already have pre-existing health factors. Longer flights can increase risk. When you fly, your mobility is decreased due to the confining cabin of the plane, therefore passengers tend to sit more and not move their legs. The same risks exist in other types of travel, like long bus rides, car trips and train trips. The longer the trip and the more pre-existing conditions you have, the more increased your risk.


Risk Factors for VTE include:


  • Being over 40 years old
  • Obesity
  • Estrogen use
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombophilia
  • Previous VTE
  • Active cancer
  • Serious medical illness – congestive heart failure or inflammatory bowel disease
  • Recent surgery, hospitalization or trauma
  • Limited mobility
  • Central venous catheterization


An additional risk when flying is the size of the airplane seat. This risk increases for shorter people and taller people. Because airplane seat cannot be adjusted, shorter passengers may experience seat-edge pressure and taller passengers have less leg room to stretch and move their legs.


Symptoms of a DVT and PE:



  • Pain and tenderness
  • Increase warmth in the affected area
  • Redness on the overlying skin


  • Unexplained shortness of breath
  • Pleuritic chest pain
  • Cough


Tips for long travel, to help prevent DVT, PE and VTE:


  • Do frequent calf muscle exercises. Point your toes up toward your head so that the calves of your legs are stretched, then relax. Repeat. This exercise is especially important to do when you are sitting for long periods of time.
  • Try to get an aisle seat. This will allow you to get up and move more frequently.
  • Try to get up and walk around the plane frequently when able.


Lower your risks for these conditions by exercising regularly. Walking, swimming and biking are great activities. Manage your weight and don’t smoke. Get your blood pressure checked regularly. If you’re at risk, you can consult with your doctor about using special stockings called compression stockings. These special stockings can help prevent clots.


According to the CDC, the time window for DVT and VTE can be from anytime right after travel, up to four weeks later. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned during or after a flight, be sure to seek medical help immediately.


From The Flight Deck

Beautiful Alaska

Beautiful Alaska


Angel MedFlight recently transported a patient from Las Vegas to Alaska – for a distance of 2,318 miles. Thanks to Clinical Educator Matt Greenwell, R.N. for getting this great shot from aboard one of Angel MedFlight’s Learjet 35s.


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