Fiscal Cliff: Majority Think We are Headed Over

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor


December 17th, 2012 – Fiscal Cliff Climber is waiting to see if you think hope is rising or if we are headed down the cliff.  About 500 votes have come in at and right now, the survey shows 63% believe we are headed over the cliff.

Comments are still coming in from both sides of the argument.  One blogger writes, “no.  America won’t go off the cliff. This is nothing but a distraction. They always try to distract the people with scares of what could happen but rarely ever does. They will play with our heads until the last minute and then come to an agreement after accomplishing what they were trying to distract us from seeing all along. It’s how they play the game.”

Another blogger disagrees and writes, “I voted that it would go over and it did….”

The ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ a series of sharp tax increases and drastic spending cuts that can send the economy back into a recession is still among the many uncertainties that Americans are having to face this holiday season. Although Democrats and Republicans want to avoid this outcome, they are budding heads over tax rates and entitlement reforms.

The Washington Post recently reported that Republican leader, John Boehner, and President Obama are reportedly ‘closer than ever’ to reaching an agreement on a deal for taxing the wealthy.  While Boehner said he’d accept a deal to higher taxes on incomes over $1 million, the White House and Congress still have to find a way to come to an agreement on less drastic ways to cut the deficit.  If there is no agreement by December 31st, America could suffer financially and fall off the fiscal cliff.

A new Wall Street Journal poll shows both Democrats and Republicans want their own party leaders to make compromises, even if it means adjusting to long held positions. With numerous issues still on the table to discuss, (i.e. cuts in government funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid), we wait and see what will happen next.

To join the discussion or vote go to and vote either “yes”- we are headed off the cliff, or “no”- the politicians will work it out before January.  After you vote, enjoy watching Cliff’s journey up the hill, your answer will decide his fate. Leave a comment and make sure to check back and see how other Americans weigh-in.

This survey is brought to you by Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Embracing New Trends in Technology

ImageIf a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.  You may have seen some of our testimonials and patient stories which capture not only a family’s journey during a difficult or triumphant time, but emotion, the raw type, the type that you can only see if it is captured by the right set of eyes. Inspiring stories, like specially trained Army Ranger, Benjamin Rye’s journey after his traumatic brain injury, are among the many patient stories that Angel MedFlight has the privilege of being a part of.

Here at Angel MedFlight, we are excited to welcome our newest member of the team, Albert Miller. Albert comes to Angel MedFlight with a wealth of experience capturing exquisite masterpieces.  He is able to visualize theme and action so perfectly that it becomes a masterpiece and a valued memory. Working with Albert first hand, I can certainly say that he exuberates an excitement for captivating images and turning them into stories seen by all.  The quality and style of his videos are very unique and carefully hand crafted to gracefully convey attention to detail and picture.

“I’d like to deliver intriguing and appealing videos that pertain to all audiences, not just those directly involved,” said Albert.

In today’s high definition world, videography goes beyond what the ordinary internet can do. We welcome Albert in his new role and look forward to embracing new trends in technology.

 See an example of Albert’s work here:

Will “Cliff The Climber” Fall to His Doom?

Fiscal Cliff Climber

Meet Cliff Fiscal; an every-day American guy who loves his country, the outdoors and a good debate.  Recently, Cliff has heard a lot in the media about the potential Fiscal Cliff our country could face come January, but still, he has a hard time wrapping his head around the idea.

According to CNBC, the phrase Fiscal Cliff was coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke when talking about the state of the U.S. economy.  Bernanke’s phrase was meant to draw a picture as he believes the country will take a massive dive when the Budget Control Act of 2011 goes into effect January 1, 2013.  This Act will mean massive government spending cuts and tax hikes that will affect nearly every American’s pocketbook.  Currently, both Democrats and Republicans are trying to come up with a solution, but have not met common-ground as both are trying to stay true to their party lines: Democrats do not want to cut programs and Republicans do not want to raise taxes.

As the CEO of Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, Jeremy Freer keeps a watchful eye on what’s happening in the U.S. economy.  Freer says, “Whether we realize it or not, the pending Fiscal Cliff has an impact on each of us.  At the end of the day, they simply need to do what’s in the country’s best interest.”

As the country teeters on the fiscal cliff; our friend, Cliff the Climber is reaching out to YOU.  Visit his website at and vote; either “yes” we are headed off the cliff, or “no” the politicians will work it out before January.  After you vote, enjoy watching Cliff’s journey up the hill, your answer will decide his fate. Leave a comment and make sure to check back and see how other Americans weigh-in.

Jumping for Joy

By: Sampson Freer, Director of Canine Operations

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

ImageToday started like any other day; I trotted through the building visiting each office space, ensuring that no food has been left on the ground.  As Director of Canine Operations for Angel MedFlight, it is imperative to check for crumbs, and, as usual everything was spic and span.

 But later in the afternoon, as I was heading to what I thought was a meeting, I noticed this was no ordinary day.  I could see shadows of coned shaped birthday hats on the roof of the staffs’ heads, waiting patiently in the conference room. As I entered, the lights turned on and all my friends shouted “SURPRISE!”

It was a celebration for my 7th birthday.  I jumped with joy as I greeted my friends hugs and kisses.  On one side of the room was a table full of doggie toys and presents, and on the other side of the room was a cake with a candle.

 My friends tried to break open my doggie shaped piñata, but of course, only I could tear it apart. Luckily, it was filled with tons of treats for both me and my not so furry friends to enjoy.

 I was very pleased to see that a box labeled ‘Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue’ was filled with generous donations from my friends at Angel MedFlight.  Being a rescue myself, I have seen the benefits of their work.

To end my 7th birthday with a bang, I filled my belly with doggie treats, played with my squeaky toys and trotted with a little extra pep in my step.

 To see more about our Director of Canine Operations, watch the video here.


Traveling Abroad

The world has modernized; people yearn to discover more, expand their knowledge, and experience different cultures and life changing opportunities through international travel. Although deciding the itinerary is at the top of the list, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected before traveling abroad.

Most people are not aware that the majority of insurance plans do not extend beyond the US border, which is why it is helpful to know if repatriation is included in your plan. Repatriation allows travel back into your home country if there is an emergency on your travels.

Travel expert Jody Kozak with the Travel Assurance Promise Plan says, “for a one-time membership fee we provide peace of mind when you’re more than 200 miles away from home.”  Kozak adds, “it’s safety, comfort and consideration in one inexpensive package.”  The Travel Assurance Promise Plan also includes other amenities like car rental, hotel reservations, emergency medical flight evacuations and everything in-between in one comprehensive package.

There are many other travel insurance plans available, but the Travel Assurance Promise Plan is affiliated with Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Service and is a customizable membership program that provides worldwide safety nets and stress-free travel considerations for globe-trotting individuals without the red tape and costly fees associated with insurance plans. Having the peace of mind during your travels is an inexpensive way to better enjoy your next trip.

Plans through Travel Assurance Promise include emergency medical coverage. If an emergency happens while overseas, trained experts work with those in need to provide medically-necessary air medical transport to the nearest, most appropriate facility in the contiguous United States.

For more information regarding Travel Assurance Promise and the premier customizable travel membership plans available, please visit our website at or contact one of our representatives at 1-855-612-4016 (US) or 480-559-6460 (International).

No matter where your travels take you, Travel Assurance Promise will be there. Don’t leave home without it!

Laughter- The Remedy

 “Laughter can ease any stressful moment. I think it’s healthy to not take things too serious.”

-Cassandra Graper, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Internet slang such as “LOL,” meaning to laugh out loud, has spread worldwide, extending from written to verbal communication. LOL caught momentum as a regularly used term partly because laughing is a part of our normal life and a natural response to certain situations, comments, or interactions.  But have you ever stopped to think of the health benefits of laughing?  We took a moment to look into these and get an idea of why LOL is more than just a good time.

Experts say laughing actually provides many health benefits – from protecting ourselves against emotional issues like depression to improving the health of our hearts. Laughing also promotes healthy relationships, feel good company, and most of all the contagion effect.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, laughter is being used as a complementary therapy among cancer patients.  Dealing with a health condition can be stressful, but when patients attend “Laughter Club”, they find that for an hour out of their day, they stop thinking about their cancer and just simply focus on laughing.  It provides a type of social support where people enjoy fun moments with others who are going through the same health challenges.

According to the American College of Cardiology, the effects of stress can decrease blood flow by 35 percent; on the contrary, the effects of laughter can last up to 45 minutes, increasing blood flow and pumping more oxygen to the heart. Whether it’s catching up with  a friend, watching a comedy, or just looking on the light side of situations, there is never a shortage of things to laugh about.

At the end of the day, laughing won’t cure everything, but it sure can help some situations get a bit better.  So don’t be shy, let a chuckle our here or there.  You never know, it just might brighten your day and make others laugh too.

Information provided by CNN Health