Who is Taking Care of You at Angel MedFlight?

Our business is saving lives, and we are committed to being the best.
Angel Medflight’s team is an exceptional combination of business, medical, aviation, legal and air ambulance expertise. It is comprised of caring individuals who value and practice integrity, responsiveness, and understanding.

Our Success Begins with Tracy Rhoderick-Director of Human Resources.  Meet Tracy!

Tracy Rhoderick, Director of Human Resources, has been employed at Angel MedFlight since November of 2008.  Before Angel MedFlight, Tracy worked for the Worldwide Executive Council as the Office Manager.

At Angel MedFlight, Tracy’s job responsibilities include recruiting, hiring, new hire processing, payroll, health benefits, and employee relations.  Tracy is completely dedicated to Angel MedFlight and its employees.  She makes sure that everyone has the tools necessary to succeed.

When asked what she likes best about Angel MedFlight, she replied:  “It is so great to be surrounded by passionate people and to be affiliated with a company that does the right thing.”  Tracy’s passion for her work in the field of human resources is an inspiration to everyone at Angel MedFlight.

Like our website?  Meet Barry Keyles!

Barry Keyles is one of the newest members to the Angel MedFlight staff.  Barry was hired as the Director of Creative Design and Development.  He has over 10 years of IT experience.  He has been employed with Angel MedFlight for almost a month and, during that time, has helped redesign our website; giving it a more modern and sophisticated look.  The new website allows our web page viewers to read about our services and develop a relationship with our staff through a selection of photographs.

Website and graphic design is only a small portion of Barry’s capabilities.  His extensive knowledge of using social media in advertising has helped to design our twitter page in a way that makes it an effective marketing tool.  In addition, Barry is constantly working on the technical aspects of our rapidly growing company.

Barry has made a large impact on Angel MedFlight.  His willingness and enthusiasm to take on a multitude of tasks is evidence of his dedication and passion.

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