Chefs for a Night:

Angel MedFlight Cooks Dinner for HomeBase Youth Services

As part of Angel MedFlight’s continuing effort to give back to the community, employees put on their aprons and cooked dinner for at-risk and homeless youth.

Each day there are thousands of homeless youth living on the streets of Arizona.  Most have fled mentally and physically abusive situations.  All lack life’s most basic needs of food, clothing and shelter and are forced to survive on the streets.

HomeBase Youth Services is an Arizona-based, non-profit organization founded to address the growing need of these youth, age 21 and younger.  It provides real life solutions to the physical, mental and emotional abuse and neglect these youth have suffered.

Employees of Angel MedFlight spent an evening preparing and serving a home cooked meal to the youth living at HomeBase.

Cooking for HomeBase

Angel MedFlight Employees Preparing Dinner at HomeBase Youth Services

“We had a great time preparing the food,” explained Kelly LoCascio, Angel MedFlight’s Chief Legal Counsel.  “It was very rewarding to interact with the youth and hear their appreciation for our efforts.  It felt great to know that they really enjoyed the food.  HomeBase is providing a life-saving service for these youth and I’m so happy to be a small part of it.”

Angel MedFlight plans to continue volunteering for and donating to HomeBase Youth Services.  To get involved with HomeBase or to learn more about the organization, visit their website.

Click Here to view more photos of Angel MedFlight employees being Chefs for a Night.

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