Air Ambulance Service Invests in Safety and Patient Care

An air ambulance service has all the potential hazards associated with providing medical care and combines them with all the potential hazards associated with aviation.  Every day the stakes are high.  In fact, The Wall Street Journal recently listed the air ambulance as the most dangerous job in America, and rightfully so.  If merely casual observance is given to safety policies and procedures in this business, people will get hurt or killed.


Medically Equipped Learjet 35

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance takes great pride in its perfect safety record.  Zero medical incidents.  Zero aviation incidents.  Zero workplace injuries.  We maintain this perfect safety record by providing the best trained and most compassionate medical crews, the best aircraft, the safest flight crews, the latest medical equipment, the most knowledgeable flight coordinators, and the most thorough legal support to advocate our patients’ rights.

In this business, more so than most, the best price from a vendor or supplier is not the best decision. Many air ambulance companies cut corners trying to save money.  At Angel MedFlight, safety is a top priority. We refuse to cut corners and will never sacrifice safety or quality to save money.

Angel MedFlight owns and utilizes well-maintained, medically configured jets to transport its patients.
Each fully customized air ambulance is equipped with the latest technology in medical devices and monitoring capability, providing an intensive care unit in the air.  During flight, our medical crews use wireless technology to transmit crucial patient data to waiting physicians, significantly increasing the efficacy and continuity of the patient’s treatment.

Recently, Angel MedFlight upgraded its medically configured Learjet with the latest safety equipment including Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, weather radar, and the latest in collision and terrain avoidance systems.

On the ground, all aircraft are thoroughly maintained, ensuring they are safe and airworthy.  In fact, for every one hour that an aircraft is in the air, 1.8 hours are spent on maintenance.

All flight crews on Angel MedFlight air services are highly qualified commercial pilots, with extensive flight experience.
Each crew member has at least 3,500 logged hours of flight time, with 1,500 hours logged as pilot-in-command.  Flight crews are subject to completing simulator training in the type of aircraft they are operating, achieving the required hourly experience in the particular aircraft, performing FAA check rides, maintaining Class 1 medical credentials and fulfilling all other FAA requirements.

Members of the Angel MedFlight medical team are some of the best healthcare professionals in the industry.

Each medical crew member is board certified, air certified and has at least five years experience in emergency medicine.  Both a critical care flight nurse and paramedic accompany the patient throughout the entire transfer.  Together they can handle virtually any incident that might occur during a transport.

Our medical crews undergo a rigorous initial orientation prior to flying with patients. Additionally, all medical personnel participate in 100 hours of didactic and clinical continuing education annually.

To further ensure the best and safest patient care, Angel MedFlight performs a comprehensive quality review following every transport, including analysis of the medical, aviation and administrative staff.

Highly trained, experienced medical staff

In the midst of a medical crisis, Angel MedFlight is the reassuring voice on the other end of the telephone any time of day or night, every day of the year.  Our compassionate team of professionals guides patients and their families through these critical situations, taking time to answer questions and address concerns.

We want to make sure they understand the requirements for a safe, successful flight such as a well-maintained aircraft, experienced flight crew, and licensed and highly trained medical team.  It is our sincere hope that informed consumers can identify a poorly managed or fraudulent company before entrusting them with the care of a loved one.

At Angel MedFlight, we never jeopardize our patient’s well-being by cutting corners.  Every day, we go above and beyond the industry standards to ensure that our patients are safe, comfortable and receive exceptional care.


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    Air Ambulance definitely is one the greatest breakthrough in medicine history, it saved lots of life especially the most critical conditions that needed an urgent medication, all hospital should have this kind of facility but of course, financial state of the hospitals should be considered. This was a nice post, making people aware of the help that the Air medical team brings and the dangers that they may encounter too in saving other peoples life. Have read different health articles too in this site that you may find interesting too.

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