Safe & Cost-Effective Choice for Medical Flights

At Angel MedFlight, patient safety and comfort are always our top priority.  That is why we are excited to offer patients the Beechcraft King Air 200 Turboprop aircraft for short distance air medical transports. **

The King Air is a safe and cost-effective choice for patents traveling less than 1,000 nautical miles.  It is well-known for its stellar safety record and roomy interior.  With a medical configuration, the aircraft can accommodate a patient, two pilots, a critical care flight nurse and paramedic and up to two companions.

For more information about Angel MedFlight’s services, contact us any time day or night.Beechcraft King Air 200

**Angel MedFlight does not own a Beechcraft King Air.  Angel MedFlight utilizes the services of FAA F.A.R. Part 135 vendors for its aircraft.  Our vendors retain WYVERN and ARG/US Platinum ratings in order to ensure the safest aviation operations possible.


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