Patient Transport: “Freedom from Worry and Logistics is Priceless”


Air Ambulance Transport 11/26/2010

On November 26, 2010 Angel MedFlight relieved friends and family of Fred Taylor from the burdens of arranging an air ambulance transport.  Fred fractured his pelvis in mutiple places after and ATV accident and needed to be transported from Colorado to a rehabilitation center in California.


“Thank you Angel MedFlight.  Freedom from worry and logistics in such a move is pricesless.” – Mina Taylor

Here is a link to Mina’s blog, where she writes about Fred’s accident, Angel MedFlight and the road to recovery.

When someone you love is hurt or injured and needs an air ambulance, it can be scary and overwhelming.  Angel MedFlight understands this, so we focus on arranging every step of the transport process so you can focus on your loved one.  Our One Touch Promise™ ensures you that every detail is handled.




One comment on “Patient Transport: “Freedom from Worry and Logistics is Priceless”

  1. Family, Crisis and Beautiful Wings – Jonalyn Grace Fincher says:

    […] setting off an unexpected two week hospital bout including three airlifts (view Angel Flight here), Mom, Finn and Dale and I following in two vehicles both trailering all our ATVs, a very unusual […]

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