Rapid Response Patient Transport

How efficiently can Angel MedFlight coordinate a Bedside-to-Bedside air medical transport?

“We typically request 24 hours to coordinate an air medical flight,” says Patricia Carmichael, Angel MedFlight’s chief registered nurse flight coordinator, “but we have arranged flights in as few as three hours.”

What does coordination include?

  • Coordinating sending and receiving facilities
  • Communicating with case managers and physicians
  • Obtaining patient records and insurance information
  • Contacting insurance companies to verify benefits
  • Arranging ground transportation
  • The flight itself, including two-pilot crew and two critical care medical personnel
  • Any other details to ensure a safe, seamless transport

“We know that rapid response is pivotal in transporting patients,” says Patricia. “My job is to arrange every facet of seamless air medical transfers so that all people involved – patients, family members, case managers – are secure in the knowledge that patients get where they need to go safely and quickly, and they’re in the best hands the entire trip.”

To help expedite patient transport, have these items ready when you call Angel MedFlight:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Patient medical history
  • Patient medical insurance information
  • To and from (sending and receiving) facility information

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