Defining a Company, Shaping an Industry

Angel MedFlight is a company built on compassion and innovation.

In 2007, fueled by the challenges of working in an inefficient and often uncaring environment, Jeremy Freer, a then 25-year-old flight paramedic, saw an opportunity for change, and took action.  His vision and insights would revolutionize an industry.

Jeremy started Angel MedFlight, an air transportation company that would coordinate every aspect of a medical transfer, provide exceptional patient care and increase efficiency for overloaded case managers.

  • He carefully selected medical professionals who reflected his vision to be a patient-oriented organization.
  • He brought on registered nurses as flight coordinators, to be the medically trained points of contact for patients’ families and case managers.
  • He established an in-house legal department to help patients navigate through a complex insurance claims process.

Angel MedFlight’s team of health care, aviation and legal professionals took its One Touch Promise™ to heart with each patient, handling every detail of safe, seamless, caring medical transports.

As the company continued to operate with compassion and integrity, case managers across the country took notice. They saw the advantages of working with a forward-thinking company with a passion for patient care. Other air ambulance operators followed suit, implementing the changes that Jeremy had pioneered, and the industry shifted its focus to safety, care and efficiency.

Today, Angel MedFlight performs air medical missions internationally, and continues to expand and solidify its position as a premier air ambulance service provider dedicated to unparalleled patient care.

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