A Thank You for a Life Saved

A compassionate decision by Angel MedFlight’s CEO reunites a family

Stories like Evan’s are the reasons why we go above and beyond to provide caring, compassionate medical transports.

Evan was born with multiple sclerosis, and for most of his life was able to live independently. Recently, his physical health had deteriorated and he had become confined to a wheelchair. As he lost the freedom of movement he had been accustomed to his whole life, his emotional health declined as well. The decision was made to transport Evan from Arizona to New York to live with family.

Angel MedFlight's Kim Halloran visits Evan

Evan’s mother Lois contacted Angel MedFlight to arrange a commercial medical escort (Angel MedFlight medical crew accompanying Evan on a commercial airliner) for her son. She needed to get him to New York before the weekend, but it was a busy time for the airlines; there were simply no appropriate seats available between Phoenix and the New York area.

Evan’s family desperately wanted him home, and knowing how important this was for the entire family, Angel MedFlight CEO Jeremy Freer made the call to transport Evan via medically-configured jet, and to do it at the cost of a commercial medical escort. Jeremy’s decision was made out of compassion, and would prove to have major health implications as well.

During the air medical transport, the Angel MedFlight critical care medical crew discovered that Evan had a medical issue that, if left untreated, could have drastic health consequences. When the aircraft touched down in New Jersey, they urged Evan’s family to take him to the emergency room for treatment.

His parents heeded the medical crew’s advice, and here is what Evan’s mother shared with us:

Hi, Jeremy –

I cannot thank you, the medical team, crew and your staff enough for all they did for me and my son. You saved his life and that is no understatement!! The caring and hands-on concern and treatment has astounded me and restored my faith in humanity. Every step in the process was handled with the utmost professionalism, care, courtesy and expertise, and both Evan and I were guided every step of the way – we were in the best hands possible!

Evan has been in the hospital since Friday night, where he was admitted and is making progress. If you had not stepped in, I know that outcome would have been beyond terrible. I shudder to think what might have happened to him.

You are all miracle workers to me and that is an understatement.

All the very best – I will keep you posted about Evan’s condition and I plan to spread the word about your company to all!

My best personal regards,


There is no greater reward for what we do at Angel MedFlight than a life saved, a patient healing, and a family comforted.

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