Angel MedFlight is Two-steppin’ Our Way to Texas for the Case Management Expo

     June 14-17, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 

San Antonio, Texas

We are just days away from CMSA’s 21st Annual Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas, and the Angel MedFlight team is rarin’ to go!

The CMSA Expo attracts more than 2,200 health care professionals, and is dedicated to positively impacting and improving patient well-being and health care outcomes.

We’re looking forward to a week jam-packed with education, events and excitement. We can’t wait to meet and catch up with case managers from all over the country!

We’ve staked our claim on a piece of carpet right near the Expo entrance. If you’ll be there, visit our booth and say “howdy.” Here are just a few of the goings-on at the Angel MedFlight saloon:

  • FREE PHOTOS! Have a souvenir snapshot taken Wednesday or Thursday, and pick up your photo Friday. You’ll have a bona fide Wild West memento to take back to the homestead.
  • KEY INFORMATION: Learn how medical transport impacts patient care and have your questions answered by our gang of experts.
  • GIVEAWAYS! Strike it rich with our mighty fine giveaways and enter to win a prize you’ll be proud of.
  • FUN! Whether you need to cool your heels or want to get wild and wooly, sidle on up for a grand ol’ time with the nice folks at Angel MedFlight.

Follow the CMSA Expo rodeo on the Angel MedFlight blog, facebook and twitter pages.

See y’all next week in San Antone!

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