Aviation’s Newest 10-Million-Mile Man and Other Flight Facts

Since he first put his tray table in the upright position in 1982, automotive sales consultant Tom Stuker has been a passenger on more than 6,000 flights. He has visited all 50 states. He has made 30 trips to Asia and flown to Australia more than 200 times. He has flown an average of 29,000 miles a month.

On July 9, 2011, in the skies between Los Angeles and Chicago, Stuker earned membership into a very elite group: He logged his 10 millionth mile on United Airlines. The celebration at O’Hare included a visit from United CEO Jeff Smisek, the first ever titanium United Mileage Plus card, and Stuker’s name emblazoned on the side of a Boeing 747.

Congrats to Tom Stuker – that is quite the achievement!

At Angel MedFlight, we take to the skies in the name of saving patients’ lives. Here are a few of our own flight statistics:

  • Continents visited: Six
  • Longest transport: 17,278 miles
  • Shortest flight: 72 miles
  • Oldest patient: 101 years old
  • Youngest patient: 7 days old

 You can be sure that Angel MedFlight – and Tom Stuker – will continue to blaze trails in the friendly skies.

Source: The Chicago Tribune

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