The Nurse Flight Coordinator Difference

At Angel MedFlight, we understand that when families and case managers call us for an air medical transport, it is because their patient or loved one is facing a very serious medical situation – and we take that seriously from the very beginning.

From the first phone call throughout the entire medical flight process, families and case managers are speaking to experienced health care and case management specialists.

Our Flight Coordination department is comprised of registered nurses and case managers with the background and training to obtain a thorough understanding of the patient’s needs, efficiently arrange domestic and international medical flights, and offer guidance and support to families.

Flight Coordinators play a critical role in ensuring a safe and seamless air medical transport.  On a daily basis, they…

  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical condition
  • Determine the most appropriate means of medical transportation taking the patient’s condition into account
  • Educate callers about the advanced life support capabilities of our medically-equipped jets
  • Remain in constant contact with case managers, physicians and nurses at sending and receiving medical facilities
  • Acquire and review medical records
  • Communicate with medical insurance companies
  • Ensure that air medical crews receive all of the necessary information to conduct the safest, most efficient air medical missions

As health care professionals themselves, our Flight Coordinators truly understand the clinical and logistical positions of case managers, social workers, nurses and physicians. And as caregivers, they are an incredible source of support for families and patients in the midst of a difficult time.

Should your patient or loved one require an air ambulance flight, you can trust the expertise of the Flight Coordination team at Angel MedFlight to guide and support patients and families from Bedside-to-Bedside®.

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