Air Ambulance Transport: A Hero’s Welcome

It has been a long road for Sergeant Anson Curry, the U.S. Army soldier who sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was injured in a grenade blast in Afghanistan last August. After receiving treatment in Afghanistan, Germany, Maryland and Palo Alto, Calif., the 26-year-old combat veteran’s trans-oceanic journey has now brought him to Escondido, Calif., where he received a very special welcome.

A crowd of flag-bearing members of the Patriot Guard greeted Sgt. Curry when he arrived via Angel MedFlight’ s Lear 60 medical jet at Brown Field Municipal Airport.  After Angel MedFlight medical crews carefully loaded him into the waiting ambulance, the Patriot Guard motorcade gave his ambulance a military escort to a dedicated neuro-rehabilitation facility. Sergeant Curry, who was awarded the Purple Heart Medal for his injuries, will undergo physical, speech, psychological and occupational therapies.

To view more news coverage of Sgt. Curry’s journey, visit Angel MedFlight’s media page.

Angel MedFlight is privileged to medically transport members of our Armed Forces and we pay homage to these true American heroes.

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