Learjet 60s–The Premier Air Ambulances

Transporting critically ill patients at high altitudes takes experienced medical personnel with advanced training and certifications; accompanied by state-of-the-art medical technology. Angel MedFlight’s two Learjet 60s are among the first of their kind in North and South America to be dedicated to patient transport.

In 2011, Angel MedFlight took the beautifully luxurious Learjet 60, a medium–size luxury business aircraft, and capitalized on the exquisite. Advanced avionics and aeronautical upgrades throughout the aircraft were installed to assist a highly experienced flight team in delivering the utmost levels of medical care.

Each aircraft has amenities capable of putting even the most nervous flyers at ease. The spacious interior provides additional room for medical flight personnel to simultaneously access the patient and have vital critical care equipment at-hand. Meanwhile, family members can relax into smooth leather chairs as the patient reclines at ease with a full view of the passing scenery. Awkward seating arrangements and uncomfortable flights are a thing of the past.

Passenger Compartment

The Inside of an Angel MedFlight Learjet 60.

High altitude flight capabilities come standard with two high-powered turbo fan engines capable of producing 4,600 pounds of thrust. By flying higher, the Learjet 60s are able to rise above most turbulence and typical atmospheric disturbances. Such things are unavoidable in smaller and less powerful aircraft. The higher altitude means a more comfortable and safer ride for patients, family and medical personnel.

The goal at Angel MedFlight is to transport patients and family members in a safe and timely manner while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and security. Our two Learjet 60s push the bar on air ambulance services; providing the next-generation of transportation necessary to accomplish our mission of being the premier air ambulance service.

Flying faster, farther and safer will continue to be integral parts to our services. By offering these Learjet 60s to our clients we hope to further our reach and capabilities to a wider and more inclusive public while raising the bar on patient care and transportation.

For more information visit our website at www.AngelMedFlight.com

What do you think of our Learjet 60s? Have you ever flown in one? Where did you go?

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