Wireless Linking System Expedites Critical Care Communications

Critical Care Teams Can Now Better Prepare and Manage the Health of Patients

When it comes to emergency and/or critical care, time is of the essence. It can often mean the difference between life and death. Doctors, physicians, paramedics and all other health professionals need to have up-to-date information relative to the patient’s condition. If their health suddenly worsens or changes, it is detrimental for all personnel to be aware of the real-time information so they can accurately prepare themselves and their equipment for the arrival of the patient.

Taking up-to-date patient information to 40,000 feet presents a unique challenge for medical flights. It especially presents a hurdle when trying to communicate that information to critical care personnel on the ground waiting to receive the patient. With a wireless digital transmitting system called, “Smartlink Wireless” medical personnel in all locations are now able to stay synced and informed throughout the duration of air ambulance flights.

The system uses advanced wireless digital transmitters to synchronize medical systems in the air with medical teams on the ground. It doesn’t matter if the patient and team of critical care personnel are flying at high speeds in high altitudes—the transmitter instantaneously beams patient data to the receiving team.

On Angel MedFlight Learjets, the Smartlink Wireless system connects to a heart monitor/defibrillator called the ZOLL Propaq MD. This sophisticated device is specifically designed for air medical transport and is the only one of its kind to be FDA-approved for the monitoring of critically-ill patients during high altitude and long range transport. Combining these two systems gives Angel MedFlight critical care personnel top-of-the-line communication abilities.

It doesn’t matter if a patient’s condition changes during the medical flight—the advanced Smartlink Wireless communication system allows critical care experts in all locations to stay informed and up-to-date regarding patient health conditions. There is no guessing or uncertainty. By staying informed, they are able to offer the highest levels of critical care.

To learn more about Smartlink Wireless and the equipment Angel MedFlight Learjets utilize throughout flights, you can visit the website at www.angelmedflight.com or call 877-264-3570.

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