Advanced Heart Monitor in-use on Medical Flights

When traveling with a critical care patient at 40,000 feet above the earth, going hundreds of miles an hour; there is no room for mistake or delay. Top-of –the-line medical care is a must. The safety of the patient depends on it. A large hurdle for air ambulances is the limited amount of space and weight restrictions for aircraft. Many medical instruments are large and bulky, rendering them ineffective or even counter-effective during flights. To ensure the well-being of the patient throughout the entire flight, advanced monitoring equipment is often required for critical care individuals. There is now an answer to the need for a heart monitor/defibrillator during flight.

The Propaq MD was designed by ZOLL and is the only one of its kind to be FDA-approved for use on air ambulances. The sophisticated device accurately monitors patient vitals while hurdling over the earth at high speeds. It has the ability to work in night vision goggle (NVG) mode and surpass even the highest expectations for medical equipment. A small, compact, accurate and reliable device like the Propaq MD exponentially enhances the ability of critical care flight paramedics to continuously monitor the patient and their condition. In-turn, patients receive better, more informed care.

On Angel MedFlight’s medical flights, the device is joined with the transmitting abilities of Smartlink Wireless to expand its reach from the airplane to awaiting critical care teams on the ground. The small, sophisticated device is suddenly relaying immediate health information not only to the team in the air but also medical personnel on the ground who can be hundreds of miles away.

Air medical patient care is greatly increased by the use of the heart monitor/defibrillator, ZOLL Propaq MD. It allows critical care personnel to administer the highest standards of care to their patients at a time when such information may otherwise have been unavailable. The machine is revolutionizing the standards of patient care and critical care medical flights.

The patients come first at Angel MedFlight and that means taking steps to ensure the best technology and practices are in use and available to their needs. With a fleet of advanced Learjets and experts in medicine, aviation, law and case management; Angel MedFlight prides itself as being leader in the air ambulance industry. We lead the way when it comes to compassionate critical care medical flights. To learn more about on-board flight technologies and air ambulances, visit the Angel MedFlight website at or call 877-264-3570.

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