A Devastating Virus with Fatal Consequences

Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulances Takes a Moment to Support World Rabies Day and Spread Awareness of a Potentially Fatal Disease

            Diseases, viruses and contagions have plagued the surface of our planet for hundreds of thousands of years. They range from relatively pacifistic to down-right catastrophic. There are viruses and organisms living in, on and around us on a daily basis. We as long-time inhabitants of this planet have developed a certain harmony with them—although, every now and then a truly horrendous disease or virus comes along. One of these is the rabies viral disease and today, September 28, 2012, is a time to spread worldwide awareness of this disease.

Derived from the Latin word, rabies “madness,” this disease has been known to exist since circa 2000 B.C. Rabies has made appearances in Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome and many other ancient societies. The devastating effects of the virus have raged across the world, spreading fear and panic. On an annual basis 55,000 human deaths worldwide are attributed to rabies.

People most often come into contact with the rabies disease through a bite from an infected dog. Among its signs and symptoms are: anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, terror, delirium, hallucinations, confusion and agitation. Aggression intensifies as the disease progresses in the infected host. If not treated prior to the onset of symptoms, rabies is often fatal.

Thanks to widespread canine vaccinations throughout the United States, there has not been a recorded case of rabies caused by dog bite for a number of years.  United States citizens most often find themselves at risk while traveling overseas and visiting other, less developed countries. Animal control, medicine and treatment can be subpar the standards of developed nations; placing residents and visitors at increased risk of exposure. Below is a list with preventative measures and recommendations for overseas travelers.

  • Get vaccinated if you work in a high-risk occupation or travel extensively.
  • Avoid contact with unfamiliar animals.
  • Ensure pets receive proper immunizations.
  • Go to your doctor if you come into contact with a wild or aggressive animal.
  • Educate children on the basics of rabies prevention.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulances supports worldwide health and health initiatives. Potentially fatal diseases and conditions need to be treated with a high level of respect and understanding. By furthering the widespread knowledge of such illnesses, we can help stem the flow of preventable deaths and create a healthier world.

Medical flights are available at any time, day or night, through Angel MedFlight at www.angelmedflight.com or 877-264-3570. International or domestic critical care flights are provided via high speed and high altitude Learjets. Our One Touch Promise® ensure every detail is handled every step of the way for the easiest, most compassionate critical care medical flights available.

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