Infants and Children Receive Specialized Medical Care

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification Better Prepares Medical Professionals

Critical care personnel need to be trained and ready for any medical situation that may arrive on their doorstep. This means having a thorough understanding of multiple critical care practices, holding a variety of certifications and training on a regular basis to refine their skills to the utmost potential. At times, the critical patients being cared for are young children or infants. These newest members of our world are considerably more fragile and susceptible to life-threatening health conditions. To properly administer care and life support for these members of society; flight paramedics are required to go through a training program called pediatric advanced life support (PALS).

Advanced life support (ALS) is a set of skills used by highly trained and experienced medical personnel to extend basic life support. It is used in times when a patient’s life hangs on the edge. The response time and effective administration of the ALS techniques are what stands between the patient’s healthy recovery and more dire outcomes. For medical professionals and medical flight personnel who are interested in taking their training to the next level, there is PALS.

Pediatric advanced life support training educates medical personnel on the skills necessary to care for children and infants when they are experiencing severe health-related problems and are in need of immediate assistance. The intensive training teaches: one and two rescuer child CPR and AED use, one and two rescuer CPR, management of respiratory emergencies, resuscitation team concepts, rhythm disturbances and electrical therapy and systematic approaches to pediatric assessment. PALS gives medical professionals the knowledge to take care of nearly anything that may arise while caring for youth patients. With PALS training, paramedics are better suited to save lives and proficiently manage the health of their patients throughout the care process.

At Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, all critical care flight paramedics are required to have up-to-date PALS certifications. Transporting critically-ill patients at high speed and high altitudes takes experienced medical personnel with the know-how necessary to handle even the most unexpected circumstances. Regardless of the patient’s age, flight paramedics are prepared to administer informed and compassionate care throughout the journey until the patient is safe and secure at their destination.

To learn more about critical care medical flight practices, air ambulances and advanced medicine, please visit the Angel MedFlight website at or call 877-264-3570. At Angel MedFlight, we pride ourselves on being the leader in compassionate and expert worldwide, air ambulance services for any and everyone who needs the best critical care, when they need it most.

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