How to Pass Time During Flights


Walking down the aisle, you finally find your seat among the rest of the airline passengers. The large bag gets thrown into the top stowage compartment, while the small (personal item) gets wedged under the seat. Finally, after a long process of airport navigating, you settle into your seat and prepare for the flight. For some of us, the flight will be quick and painless and over before we know it. Other airline passengers, who are traveling overseas or abroad, may have a much longer period to spend in the air. Whether you are only spending a few or many hours on a plane, don’t be stuck with the bland magazines provided in the back pocket on the seat in front of you. Fly prepared, know the best ways to pass time while traveling and have more enjoyable flights and memorable experiences.

Luckily, technology has made patience a virtue for everyone with a readily accessible smart phone or laptop. Once the plane reaches cruising altitude, we recline back, which slightly annoys the person behind us. But we don’t mind because it’s a flight and, “they can do it too,” right? We then whip out our phones, laptops, iPads and other mobile devices. Sure, watching a movie or playing a computer game can help pass the time. In all reality, you could probably forget you were even on a plane until the stewardess asked you to turn off your electronic devices for the final approach. But rather than diving into electronic mindless entertainment, you can engage in more dynamic ways to pass time on a flight.

In-Flight Passengers

In-Flight Passengers

When was the last time you read a book? Not on a kindle or iPad. I am talking about a real spine, binding and paper, beautifully-scented book. Drop by the local bookstore, peruse their shelves and find one that jumps out at you. Bring it on the plane and you’ll find yourself diving into imaginative worlds you forgot existed. If you don’t feel like reading, don’t worry about it! There are a few other options for you, to keep time moving along at a quick pace.

Do you frequently find yourself overwhelmed by a busy work schedule, recreational activities and social gatherings? Have you been searching for an escape from it all? Throughout the centuries, writers have found an escape from unappreciative, sorrowful or chaotic worlds and retreated into the world of pen and paper. Find yourself a blank notebook, favorable writing instrument and get to work! Look out the port window and let your mind flow off into the clouds. Start writing about anything—write about your life, write about another person’s life or write about your most enticing dream. It can be about anything and you can be sure that it will keep your mind occupied for as long as the words keep flowing.

Last but not least, look at the person seated next to you. Do they look friendly? Strike up a conversation! It doesn’t have to last throughout the entire flight but you might be surprised at what you can learn and experience through a small degree of openness. Everyone has stories and sometimes those stories are quite interesting. Great friendships and even love stories have started with the slightest, “hello.”

We here at Angel MedFlight love helping people almost as much as we love flying. Our air ambulances circle the globe helping critical patients get to their much needed destinations with the utmost levels of compassion and care. And we feel that the comfort our patients experience on our medical flights should not only be enjoyed by them. Everyone who flies, whether air medical or commercial, should know how to have an enjoyable trip and reach their destination with a sense of contentment and comfort. Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services cares about everyone, near and far, and helping them live healthier and happier lives.

For more information regarding air ambulances or air medical flights, please visit the Angel MedFlight website at or call 877-264-3570. Fly safe, fly smart and fly happy!

 What’s your favorite way to pass time on a flight? Let us know!

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