Elder Abuse

How we can Help Stop a Widespread Problem Hidden Behind Closed Doors

They are our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and elders. Senior citizens are the members of society who came before us. These men and women built the strong society in which we all live. Without their blood, sweat and tears our world would not be what it now is. Our elders fought wars, invented revolutionary machines and gave birth to us. The most senior members of our society are also the most experienced and knowledgeable. We look upon these respected individuals for advice and consultation in our times of need. Yet, there are instances when elders need our help—when they are disrespected and even injured. Elder abuse is a real and reoccurring concern that needs worldwide awareness.

Despite how healthy our minds may be, as we grow older, our bodies degrade. Years upon years of activity takes a toll on the human body. Bones become frail, skin worsens and joints tighten. We are followed by the looming shadows of hearing loss, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, Parkinson’s, heart disease, incontinence and osteoporosis. Life is no longer as it once was. Our weakened state makes us susceptible to injury, disease and death. The chores of daily life become harder and more burdensome until, eventually, we are unable to independently care for ourselves. At this point we find assistance from the younger members of society, to continue living safe and comfortable lives.

The people who care for our elders are expected to be of strong moral fiber and integrity. They are responsible for handling whatever necessities may arise and we trust them to care for our most delicate and experienced loved ones. Yet, tens of thousands of elderly men and women across the United States are abused. It is a widespread problem happening behind closed doors and shaded windows. Each year over half a million reports are made to authorities with many more going unnoticed and/or unreported.

Elder Abuse

Senior with purple eye.

Our elders are being abused by the caregivers and relatives we trust to protect and care for them. The abuse is being inflicted, most often, at the senior’s home or care facility. Despite the location, the abuse happens where the senior citizen should feel safest—where they live. Types of inflicted abuse include: emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, exploitation, sexual abuse and abandonment. They are subjected to horrendous treatment that is, at times, comparable to torture.

In weakened and degraded states, senior citizens are often unable to ward off attacks and protect themselves from their abusers. When loved ones do visit, the abused may lie or mislead their relatives and friends to prevent embarrassment and/or a sense of dishonor. It is often up to educated observance to detect, treat, prevent and report elder abuse.

Elder abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. It can jump right out at us or be incredibly difficult to detect. But there are warning signs and indications that can help identify when abuse is occurring. Among these are…

  • Depression and change in mood or behavior: These are sometimes related to emotional abuse.
  • Physical Injuries: Bruising, cuts and abrasions, broken bones and pressure marks are tell-tale signs of physical abuse.
  • Bedsores: Indicates a level of neglect on the part of the caretaker.
  • Poor Hygiene: Indicative of improper cleaning and caring by caregivers.

By spreading awareness and teaching others the warning signs, we can help stop elder abuse and protect those who brought us into this world. At Angel MedFlight, all Critical Care Flight Nurses and Paramedics are trained to identify and treat elder abuse. As experts in medicine they adamantly watch for any indications that lead them to suspect abuse and promptly report such suspicions.

Angel MedFlight is dedicated to helping others and promoting health throughout society for both young and old and everyone in-between. Our air ambulances serve all four corners of the world treating people with countless injuries and illnesses. When it comes to patient care, compassion and comfort; our team of experts goes above and beyond.

Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services provides medical flights to patients across the globe. With experts in healthcare, aviation and law; we are the premier air ambulance provider. A fleet of Learjets are capable of traveling at high speeds and high altitudes for expedited compassionate medical flight care throughout the globe.

For more information regarding air medical transportation, air ambulances and medical flights; please visit the Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services website at www.angelmedflight.com or call 877-264-3570.

If you suspect elder abuse and would like to report your suspicions, please visit the following website for state-by-state elder abuse hotlines. http://www.nccafv.org/state_elder_abuse_hotlines.htm Together, we can help stop the mistreatment of elders.

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