Special Operations Soldier Combats Traumatic Brain Injury

Our fighting men and women are the first line of defense against all threats, foreign and domestic. They lay down their lives to provide a security blanket for the men, women and children of this great nation. Unfortunately not all threats are from overseas or war. For one special operations soldier; the greatest risk was a car ride with his wife.

On the night of August 27, 2009, United States Army Ranger Benjamin Rye was driving to dinner with his wife, Katie. While en-route to the restaurant a vehicle traveling at high speed collided with theirs. Both Ben and Katie sustained injuries with Ben’s listed as severe. Soon after, it was discovered that Ben had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

TBI can affect control of behavior, movements, emotions, thinking and speech. Its impact can be severe and unforgiving. For Ben, the long road to recovery began as soon as he awoke from the coma. Month after month they traveled back and forth across the United States for the best brain injury treatment available. Relearning how to walk, talk and eat took immense fortitude for both Ben and Katie. They stuck together throughout the healing process and used the experience to strengthen their relationship and resolve in each other.

When asked what advice he would give someone who suffered a TBI, Ben simply said, “Be strong.” Ben lives up to the Ranger creed by never giving up and staying strong in the face of such adversity. The Ryes have stood together despite tremendous physical and psychological challenges.

In the United States, more than 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injury. Patients almost always require specialized care, treatment and rehabilitation. The road to recovery from a traumatic brain injury is a long one but with a strong support network and expert medical care, patients can make incredible improvements.

The Rye family trusted Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services to provide their vital medical flights. Regardless of where the treatment facility was located; Angel MedFlight was there with medically-configured high speed Learjets and expert medical personnel.

To learn more about traumatic brain injuries and medical flights, please visit the Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services website at www.angelmedflight.com or call 877-264-3570.

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