Case Managers Help Those in Need

Case Manager Week is a Time to Give Thanks to the People who Dedicate Their Time and Talents to Helping Others

Case managers are vital to the successful two-way relationship between patients and medical services. They help patients and families identify resources and needs to best accomplish their health goals. These caring men and women are the lubricant of the healthcare machine and work to ensure every patient has access to the medical services they require. The week of October 14, is a time to honor their selfless contributions to the healthcare community.

Hospitals, insurance coverage, Medicare, prescriptions, x-rays, pediatricians and medical flights are only a few of the players in the complex landscape of modern medicine. Navigating through the paperwork, red tape and restrictions can be a draining process with disappointing results.

It takes experts in medical care to decipher the technicalities and get patients the best care possible. Case managers come from a variety of experienced professional medical backgrounds (e.g.-nursing, social work, etc.) and bring their skills to the table for patients and families.

Professional case managers help with: research, psychosocial management, transition of care management, and coordinating clinical care. They work closely with patients from the very first call until all of their medical goals are met. Case managers are the expert facilitators of medical transitions and appropriate medical care. Their hard work directly impacts the level of care and comfort patients and families experience during the darkest of times.

Case managers ensure patients receive the best care available, when and where they need it. Whether coordinating referrals to specialists or negotiating rates; case managers help get us the services we need.

At Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services, experienced Registered Nurse/Case Managers/Flight Coordinators go above and beyond the call of duty to provide patients and relatives with the highest levels of compassionate medical care. Resolving transitions of care and negotiating medical coverage and contracts means patients who choose Angel MedFlight for their air ambulance and medical flight needs are in safe and compassionate hands.

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