EMTs and Paramedics–On the Forefront of Life Saving

There are times in our lives when life and limb is on the line. We don’t always see it coming and are not always prepared. If we suddenly fall ill or are seriously injured, a select group of medical professionals come to our aid. These life-saving men and women are paramedics and emergency medical personnel/technicians; and they are there when we need them most.

Around the world these trained medical personnel devote their skills to the selfless duty of helping others in times of great need. For the thousands of years that organized society has been around, people have been putting their own safety on the line to help the sick, weak and dying. Early “paramedics” sutured wounds and performed amputations. As time went on, their skills, profession and education became more refined.

Societies noticed the importance of preliminary patient treatment prior to advanced medical care in dedicated healthcare facilities. From battlefield wounds to cardiac arrest; patients often needed expert on-site medical services to save their lives. Professionals realized the advantages of having comprehensive on-site trauma care, trained critical care medical professionals and rapid transportation to care facilities. Towns, cities, states and nations began adopting paramedics and emergency medical personnel into their healthcare systems.

The first emergency medical personnel had only very limited training and experience. These early pioneers were mainly tasked with transporting the patient from their location to the hospital as quickly as possible.  Gradually new standards were put in place and the responsibilities of paramedics increased.

Modern paramedics and emergency service personnel are found the world over. They devote every day to treating serious health conditions and stabilizing critical patients. Paramedics are experts in critical care emergency medicine and are trained in: spinal injury management, triage of patients, burn management/treatment, operation of emergency vehicles, airway management and administering medicine.

Paramedics, rescue and emergency medical personnel are found in a variety of environments with differing specialties and training. They airlift stranded hikers, locate victims of earthquakes and transport victims of car accidents. Whenever or wherever a serious medical condition may arise, these specialized medical personnel are not far away and are often first-on-scene.

Thousands of years of human life hanging in the balance has given birth to one of the most vital healthcare professions in the world. Their specialized training in high-intensity critical medical scenarios gives EMTs and paramedics the skills needed to save lives and successfully transport critical patients.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services has a team of highly trained critical care flight nurses/paramedics who transport patients at high altitudes and high speeds to both domestic and international destinations. Air medical services are vital to providing critical patients with the resources and compassionate medical care they need. Angel MedFlight’s team of experts and technologically advanced Learjet air ambulances go above and beyond the call of duty, raising the bar and setting new industry standards for long-distance critical care air medical patient transport.

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