The Importance of Air Ambulances

Long Distance Air Ambulance Services Safely and Compassionately Transport Patients

Air ambulances provide some of the most important medical transportation services in the world and Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services is the leader in these critical care air medical flights. The two questions most frequently asked are, “why and when would I need an air ambulance flight?”

“Imagine trying to move across country with a medically fragile special needs child, or bringing your parent with Alzheimer’s disease closer to family.” Julie Longmire, Angel MedFlight clinical liaison, said. “There is an entire population out there that, without fixed wing air ambulance, would have no possible way to access the care and attention they need and deserve.”

Air ambulances provide medical transportation services both domestically and internationally. Medically configured Learjets have all of the capabilities of a hospital’s intensive care unit with the speed and mobility of commercial airliners. These aircraft are capable of flying at speeds of 600 mph and at altitudes of 43,000 ft; all the while keeping patients in stable and comfortable conditions.

When patients suffer serious injuries or critical medical conditions, the possibility of an air ambulance flight becomes a reality. We do not choose where and when we fall ill. It may be while we are at home or away, overseas. Despite popular thought not all hospitals have the same medical treatment capabilities.

It is sometimes necessary to relocate to another medical care facility. Air ambulance transportation becomes medically necessary when advanced treatment is absolutely vital to protect and enhance the health status of a patient.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services are available around the clock to provide patients around the world with industry-leading medical flights. Our Air medical services are there for critical patients when they need them most.

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