Veterans Day

Volunteers Put Their Lives on the Line for the Safety of a Nation

Putting their lives on the line, they risk it all for the safety of our country. Day and night, 365 days a year; the men and women who make up the United States armed forces protect our freedom and the freedom of the world. Veterans Day is a time when America comes together to honor these brave citizens and show our overwhelming appreciation for their risks and sacrifices. Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services knows the sacrifices our soldiers take and we are honored to be among a nation of such brave heroes.

“It is an honor to provide our United States armed forces with compassionate air ambulance services,” Jenna Burford, Angel MedFlight copywriter, said. “Helping soldiers such as Sgt. Bradley Thomas, return home after suffering severe injuries is a truly remarkable feeling and the least we can do for everything they sacrifice.”

Every year, tens of thousands of soldiers in the United States military are injured or killed. Stationed around the world, they voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way to protect the safety of innocent people around the world. Soldiers are exposed to some of the most unforgiving environments and when the dust settles, many are left with persisting conditions.

Ranging from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to severe traumatic brain injuries; these fighting men and women rejoin society with the shadows of war. Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services knows all too well, the sacrifices these heroes make. Over the years, our air medical flight services have helped a variety of these soldiers reach their medical destinations with the highest levels of comfort and safety. Transporting heroes such as United States Army Ranger Benjamin Rye and Sgt. Bradley Thomas—It’s an honor to give back to them, if only a fraction, of what they gave for our nation.

Wounded Soldier Returns Home

Wounded Soldier Returns Home

For more information on air medical services, medical flights and our long distance Learjet air ambulances, please visit our website at or call 877-264-3570. Our One Touch Promise® ensures patients and their families receive unparalleled medical care from start to finish!

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