Traumatic Brain Injury

Everything from who we are to how we interact is controlled by our brains. Cerebrums manage our memory, thought, consciousness, language and perceptual awareness. Categorized into four distinct lobes, our brains are the epicenter of us all. Although surrounded by the dense bone of our skulls, these delicate organs sometimes befall injury or illness. Traumatic brain injury is one of the most serious and can have devastating effects on the person afflicted.

The Human Mind

The Human Mind

Traumatic brain injury occurs when an external force traumatically injures the brain. Such forces include: impact, penetration by a projectile, rapid acceleration or deceleration and blast waves. Possible effects include emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical complications. In severe cases, people suffering traumatic brain injury may need to relearn fundamental skills such as how to walk, eat and even speak.

“The impact of a severe traumatic brain injury on even the strongest of soldiers is almost incomprehensible,” Cassandra Graper, Angel MedFlight chief strategy officer said. “It can happen to anyone in a split second but through safety and education, together we can help prevent brain injury.”

On an increasing trend, soldiers are returning from war with traumatic brain injuries. Ranging from mild to severe, these conditions often require specialized treatment and rehabilitation. For more severe cases, patient transport is only possible through the use of medical flights.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services works with patients and families to facilitate air medical transfers of patients suffering severe traumatic brain injuries and similar conditions.

Angel MedFlight’s medically configured Learjets have all the same capabilities as an intensive care unit (ICU) with the speed and range of a commercial airliner. Over the years our services have helped soldiers and individuals suffering severe traumatic brain injury reach their much needed medical destinations with safety and compassion.

For more information on air medical services, medical flights, medically configured air ambulances or to hear more stories about medical transports of brain injury patients, please visit the website at or call 877-264-3570.

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