Wounded Soldier Finishes Long Trek Home

Angel MedFlight Medically Transports Injured Soldier Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury

After spending the last five years in specialized treatment and rehabilitation facilities for a traumatic brain injury suffered during Operation Iraqi Freedom,  Sgt. Bradley Thomas returned home to a town that never left his side.

“It was one of the most rewarding flights I have ever been a part of,” Julie Longmire, RN, BSN, Angel MedFlight flight coordinator said. “I am so thankful to have been a part of the effort to bring this young man home. The way this community has honored its hero should set an example for the country.”

Sgt. Thomas’ convoy was attacked with an improvised explosive device (IED) while traveling through Iraq. The device was buried beneath the road and completely undetectable by United States soldiers. When the IED detonated, Sgt. Thomas was one of multiple soldiers injured.  Sgt. Thomas was later listed as one of the most severe traumatic brain injuries of 2008.

Over the last five years, Sgt. Thomas has been in and out of multiple hospitals dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers in both New Jersey and Florida . During his time in critical care, he was transported by medical flight three times, thanks to Angel MedFlight.

The air ambulance flight from Florida to Texas lasted only two hours but when Sgt. Thomas arrived he was greeted by a carefully orchestrated parade fit for a hero. Police, firefighters, hundreds of members of the Brazoria County Cavalry, and community members escorted Sgt. Thomas the 20 mile journey from the airport to his home. American flags waved, people cheered and sirens roared for the United States soldier who was finally home.


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