Laughter- The Remedy

 “Laughter can ease any stressful moment. I think it’s healthy to not take things too serious.”

-Cassandra Graper, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Internet slang such as “LOL,” meaning to laugh out loud, has spread worldwide, extending from written to verbal communication. LOL caught momentum as a regularly used term partly because laughing is a part of our normal life and a natural response to certain situations, comments, or interactions.  But have you ever stopped to think of the health benefits of laughing?  We took a moment to look into these and get an idea of why LOL is more than just a good time.

Experts say laughing actually provides many health benefits – from protecting ourselves against emotional issues like depression to improving the health of our hearts. Laughing also promotes healthy relationships, feel good company, and most of all the contagion effect.

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, laughter is being used as a complementary therapy among cancer patients.  Dealing with a health condition can be stressful, but when patients attend “Laughter Club”, they find that for an hour out of their day, they stop thinking about their cancer and just simply focus on laughing.  It provides a type of social support where people enjoy fun moments with others who are going through the same health challenges.

According to the American College of Cardiology, the effects of stress can decrease blood flow by 35 percent; on the contrary, the effects of laughter can last up to 45 minutes, increasing blood flow and pumping more oxygen to the heart. Whether it’s catching up with  a friend, watching a comedy, or just looking on the light side of situations, there is never a shortage of things to laugh about.

At the end of the day, laughing won’t cure everything, but it sure can help some situations get a bit better.  So don’t be shy, let a chuckle our here or there.  You never know, it just might brighten your day and make others laugh too.

Information provided by CNN Health

One comment on “Laughter- The Remedy

  1. Betty J Rosser says:

    When I was going through so much in 2009 Breast cancer Both hips replacement and radiation all with in 8 mos ,I found that laughing helped so much to release stress ,also staying positive and lots of prayers , that the Angels would watch over me .
    I am so glad to say I am now 5 years cancer free in July 20013 .
    My only Battle I am fighting is chronic Anemia and am doing great with that .
    I want to say thank you to all of you for the wonderful work you do to make a difference in someones life . God Bless all of you .
    Betty Rosser ❤

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