Traveling Abroad

The world has modernized; people yearn to discover more, expand their knowledge, and experience different cultures and life changing opportunities through international travel. Although deciding the itinerary is at the top of the list, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected before traveling abroad.

Most people are not aware that the majority of insurance plans do not extend beyond the US border, which is why it is helpful to know if repatriation is included in your plan. Repatriation allows travel back into your home country if there is an emergency on your travels.

Travel expert Jody Kozak with the Travel Assurance Promise Plan says, “for a one-time membership fee we provide peace of mind when you’re more than 200 miles away from home.”  Kozak adds, “it’s safety, comfort and consideration in one inexpensive package.”  The Travel Assurance Promise Plan also includes other amenities like car rental, hotel reservations, emergency medical flight evacuations and everything in-between in one comprehensive package.

There are many other travel insurance plans available, but the Travel Assurance Promise Plan is affiliated with Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Service and is a customizable membership program that provides worldwide safety nets and stress-free travel considerations for globe-trotting individuals without the red tape and costly fees associated with insurance plans. Having the peace of mind during your travels is an inexpensive way to better enjoy your next trip.

Plans through Travel Assurance Promise include emergency medical coverage. If an emergency happens while overseas, trained experts work with those in need to provide medically-necessary air medical transport to the nearest, most appropriate facility in the contiguous United States.

For more information regarding Travel Assurance Promise and the premier customizable travel membership plans available, please visit our website at or contact one of our representatives at 1-855-612-4016 (US) or 480-559-6460 (International).

No matter where your travels take you, Travel Assurance Promise will be there. Don’t leave home without it!

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