Jumping for Joy

By: Sampson Freer, Director of Canine Operations

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

ImageToday started like any other day; I trotted through the building visiting each office space, ensuring that no food has been left on the ground.  As Director of Canine Operations for Angel MedFlight, it is imperative to check for crumbs, and, as usual everything was spic and span.

 But later in the afternoon, as I was heading to what I thought was a meeting, I noticed this was no ordinary day.  I could see shadows of coned shaped birthday hats on the roof of the staffs’ heads, waiting patiently in the conference room. As I entered, the lights turned on and all my friends shouted “SURPRISE!”

It was a celebration for my 7th birthday.  I jumped with joy as I greeted my friends hugs and kisses.  On one side of the room was a table full of doggie toys and presents, and on the other side of the room was a cake with a candle.

 My friends tried to break open my doggie shaped piñata, but of course, only I could tear it apart. Luckily, it was filled with tons of treats for both me and my not so furry friends to enjoy.

 I was very pleased to see that a box labeled ‘Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue’ was filled with generous donations from my friends at Angel MedFlight.  Being a rescue myself, I have seen the benefits of their work.

To end my 7th birthday with a bang, I filled my belly with doggie treats, played with my squeaky toys and trotted with a little extra pep in my step.

 To see more about our Director of Canine Operations, watch the video here.



One comment on “Jumping for Joy

  1. BettyJ Rosser says:

    so awesome Animals will give you unconditional love no mater what .my pom Rusty was my care giver when i was going through my 2 hip replacements and radiation for breast cancer all in an 8 mo time frame . I am now 4 years cancer free and rusty who will be 15 this year is still on the job giving love and lots of Kisses .

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