Healthcare Industry on the Rise

HealthcareThe U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that between 2010 and 2020, at least 1/3 of our fastest growing jobs will be in healthcare. Healthcare is constantly offering more opportunities to people not directly in the patient care side by offering other avenues such as customer service, publication, and human resources.

Healthcare has turned into a career path that many are choosing to pursue because of its vast array of positions. From scheduling appointments to working more hands on with patients, attributes such as care and empathy for patients is in high demand.

As a worldwide air ambulance company, Angel MedFlight has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since their inception in 2007. “I decided to become a nurse because of the opportunity to grow and perform in so many different facets,” said Taylor McNeely in an interview.” I also love to educate people and a large majority of our responsibility is health, preventative, and medical management education.” Taylor acts as a Flight Coordinator/ RN Case Manager for Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Service. Dealing directly with hospitals, case managers, patients, and families, she is able to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical condition.

Employing over 80 employees today, Angel MedFlight offers opportunities in not only healthcare, but in legal, claims, business development, and in many other interesting facets. Lucrative options are available due to the high demand of workers in the healthcare industry.

With its rising career opportunities and industry growth, healthcare has become one of the most rewarding trends to follow.

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