Embracing New Trends in Technology

ImageIf a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.  You may have seen some of our testimonials and patient stories which capture not only a family’s journey during a difficult or triumphant time, but emotion, the raw type, the type that you can only see if it is captured by the right set of eyes. Inspiring stories, like specially trained Army Ranger, Benjamin Rye’s journey after his traumatic brain injury, are among the many patient stories that Angel MedFlight has the privilege of being a part of.

Here at Angel MedFlight, we are excited to welcome our newest member of the team, Albert Miller. Albert comes to Angel MedFlight with a wealth of experience capturing exquisite masterpieces.  He is able to visualize theme and action so perfectly that it becomes a masterpiece and a valued memory. Working with Albert first hand, I can certainly say that he exuberates an excitement for captivating images and turning them into stories seen by all.  The quality and style of his videos are very unique and carefully hand crafted to gracefully convey attention to detail and picture.

“I’d like to deliver intriguing and appealing videos that pertain to all audiences, not just those directly involved,” said Albert.

In today’s high definition world, videography goes beyond what the ordinary internet can do. We welcome Albert in his new role and look forward to embracing new trends in technology.

 See an example of Albert’s work here: http://youtu.be/jHRY1TV7HE0

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