Simplifying Air Ambulance in the Skies and Customer Service on the Web

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor


At Angel MedFlight, we take pride in simplifying the process of medical evacuation and transportation services. You can find that ideal in our mission statement or by asking one of our patients. But now, after redefining the way we navigate the skies, we are excited to announce a new way of navigating our website.

Many of our patients have found us on-the-go via mobile devices or tablets. By creating a one-touch system to navigate our most popular pages including: services, flight requisition, the One Touch Promise, multimedia gallery, or some frequently asked questions,  we streamline the time it takes to gather information and make informed decisions in your time of need.

As informational hubs, websites need to look great, but ultimately deliver a message. Angel MedFlight understands the most important aspect of visiting a website is being able to find what you are looking for.  When patients are in a critical stage of treatment and need air ambulance assistance right away, schedules can now be made with the touch of a button. Simply “Request a Transfer,” fill out the short form, and Angel MedFlight flight coordinators will be in contact as soon as possible to schedule your flight to your specified destination.

Chief Creative Officer / Senior Vice President at Angel MedFlight, Barry Keyles, had one goal in mind when developing our One Touch Navigation: Simplicity. “By viewing the website analytics and discovering where visitors were navigating, we knew there was a strong mobile presence.  Adding new, bigger buttons will give all users the best possible experience while visiting” Keyles continued, “Commercial airline websites provided insight and inspiration for creating buttons with simple imagery. Each button guides viewers visually.” As an experienced web developer, Keyles understands the purpose and flow that a website design should have while interacting. “By adding the same types of icons in the sub-navigation, users will have a seamless experience on the site and will be sure to quickly find the information they are looking for.” Interact with our new and improved navigation today at

 Angel MedFlight continues to grow at a rapid pace. Our growth inspires us to discover new ways to improve and simplify all facets of our patients’ comfort and convenience. Much like our One Touch Promise, the One Touch Navigation process will ensure a near effortless path to gaining the answers to your air ambulance needs.

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