Challenge Accepted

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Colleen Pyra of Angel MedFlight

The entire staff at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance would like to congratulate our Director of Business Development, Colleen Pyra. On December 19th, at the Phoenix City Council Meeting, Pyra was named the new Chairperson for the City of Phoenix Women’s Commission; ushering in a strong foundational outlook and a fresh start for the New Year.

The Women’s Commission provides support and leadership on issues facing women of all ages to enhance their quality of life. Additionally, the commission promotes the participation of women in civic and public affairs and advises the mayor and City Council on women’s issues.

Women seeking equality is not an issue of the past, it is a challenge that many women face every day. Pyra recognized a need for change and faced the battle head on.

Pyra has what it takes to make change happen. Coming to the table with a 12 year career background in non-profit and social services, she has a deep understanding of what is affecting our community. Her experience in domestic violence awareness, prevention of homelessness and hunger, drug prevention education, and promotion of physical fitness, will play a vital role in providing perspective to her new leadership role.

“I’ve always had a passion for effecting change on a grander scale, and there is no better fight than the one for women’s rights.” says Pyra.

More issues needed to be addressed. More could be done for women. Her dedication to equal rights of women and commitment to her community took notice. The City of Phoenix Mayor’s Office recognized Pyra’s efforts and nominated her as the new Chairperson for the City of Phoenix Women’s Commission following Kyrsten Sinema, the recently elected Congresswoman to the United States House of Representatives from Arizona’s 9th congressional district.

“I am here to make sure we take the next step in the right direction.” Pyra adds, “The work that the commission does is vital to bridging the gap between government and the private sector. As Chair, I’m committed to seeing that women in the community have a voice. That we stand we stand up for equality and justice – even in the face of adversity.”

On a personal note from the Angel MedFlight staff, we are proud to see one of the most creative, sincere, and dedicated people we know in such a deserving position for change. Her ethics and insight have inspired many of us and we can assuredly expect greater things to come – in both offices.

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