A Traveler’s Wish Come True

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor


We all could use some help in preparing for our vacation or trip out of town. Now with the help of our phones and tablets, there are a variety of options available at our fingertips. Here are a few of the new innovative options making travel planning portable and easy.

Packing Pro:

Everyone looks forward to a vacation. It is a time to relax and forget about all of the problems at home. You arrive at your destination, excited to dive into your meticulously planned itinerary, and begin to unpack your belongings, but wait… you forgot to pack your socks…and oh no, where are your hiking shoes?

We’ve all had that one thing that was missing from our suitcase. Sometimes, it can be a real let-down. Now, those worries are a thing of the past. With QuinnScape’s new Packing Pro app for the iPhone and iPad, your interactive checklist can be categorized and detailed using pre-created selections or selections you create.

Travelling with a group or family members? Share your list with fellow travelers using email, Facebook, or Twitter to ensure all items have been accounted for. Another great available sharing tool is exporting your list as a .CSV file and editing in Microsoft Excel.

Packing Pro is a great tool for managing your belongings to make sure nothing is left behind again.


Travel comparison sites seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Most have great offers and feature similar features like flight and hotel discounts or package rates. The Hipmunk app is similar in that capacity, but brings a little more to the table.

Travel can be stressful when searching for the best hotel and flight rates, schedules, dining, and local places of interest. Hipmunk allows you to accomplish all of these tasks right from your phone, fast. Select your destination and schedule, choose from a list of flights, then choose a hotel in the area, and last, preview a list of local dining and area attractions (by price) in your hotel vicinity. That’s about it.

Hipmunk simplifies the planning process and provides travelers with more time to focus on what counts, the fun.

Just Landed:

Waiting for someone to arrive at the airport can be a hassle for anyone. You are happy to pick up your loved one, friend, or client, but wish there was an easier way to know if their flight is delayed. Maybe you are early and circling the arrival terminal. It’s time to give the do-gooder a helping hand.

The Just Landed app by Little Details, LLC provides you with the insight of up-to-date flight status. You can look up the flight number, see if the flight is delayed, and set the alarm to know exactly when to leave to arrive at the airport on time. The app will monitor your current location and traffic conditions, notifying you of the exact conditions of YOUR travel.

Just Landed is the perfect app for anyone that wishes to wake up from the nightmare that is: the airport terminal.

Travel Assurance Promise:

All of these apps are extremely useful when traveling. Planning, packing, and arrival scheduling can be very stressful. Having the tools to manage these issues all on your phone is great, but there’s one tool you may need the most. Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance provides medical transportation services. If you are 200 miles or 2,000 miles from home, our dedicated team of experts will coordinate your safe travel to your requested hospital or medical specialist. Our air ambulance staff is qualified to handle any emergency. For a list of affordable individual and family plans, visit www.travelassurancepromise.com. Safety of friends and family while away is one area you can’t afford to travel without.

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