A Year of Rescue, Transport, and Gratitude – A Reflection of 2012

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor


This has been a busy year. Angel MedFlight had the privilege of transporting patients from all over the world. From Oceania to Africa, we’ve been there. From Australia to Egypt, we’ve been there. Nearly all 50 United States, we’ve been there too. No matter where you need us in the world, Angel MedFlight will always be ready when you call.

So, what do the numbers say, exactly? Well, the amount of flights, miles flown, and patients transported say Angel MedFlight is a trusted name in aviation and medical care.

Flights have we’ve flown

Angel MedFlight has been a worldwide leader in air ambulance transport since 2007. Following the success of our proven track record of safety and patient service, we have been traveling more than ever before. We’ve flown more flights this year than last, transporting patients from one location to another.

Distance we’ve traveled

Our travels for medical evacuation have taken our pilots and medical staff around the world – literally. A total number of *446,814.04 miles were flown by Angel MedFlight crews. The distance (in miles) equates to traveling the length of the Earth’s equator nearly 18 times!

Trust we’ve earned

Angel MedFlight has remained a trusted name in air ambulance medical transportation among both individuals and medical Case Managers. Our dedication to our patients is second to none. That is why we’ve had more patients and Case Managers call on us in 2012 than ever before. The One Touch Promise and Bedside-to-Bedside services provided to each patient ensures a proven efficient and effective process to get patients the care they need while eliminating as much stress as possible on patients or family.

A patient’s best choice

Air ambulance medical transfers are fast, dependable, and now growing in public awareness. Realizing that when medical emergencies occur, knowing you are not confined to your current situation is comforting.

Beyond the statistics, the support for Angel MedFlight’s services are growing. Word-of-mouth is spreading and referrals are taking advantage of the same great experience others did. We would like to thank everyone in 2012 for utilizing a service we are so very proud of.

*Figures are approximated reflecting final projections scheduled on December 31, 2012.

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