No One Knows Our Planes Like We Do

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Engine Turbine

Jets are complicated. Think beyond the engines – think about all of the electronics, the small motors moving small parts, and the smaller motors moving even smaller parts. Now, the cockpit. Just looking at this roadmap of switches, lights, levers, and mechanics can make the head spin. One thing that makes Angel MedFlight unique from other air ambulance companies, we own our jets and maintenance them on site, making sure all the moving parts are moving properly. Today we are highlighting those unsung heroes that keep pilots, medical crews, and our patients in the air safely: The Aviation West Charters Mechanics (Aviation West Charters is a parent company of Angel MedFlight).

On-call jet doctors

The maintenance staff at Angel MedFlight are available on a moment’s notice. With standard office hours Monday through Friday as well as being on call for any service our planes require. Our crew has a passion for planes and are committed to each patient’s safety. So much so, that if a qualified and certified mechanic is not available in the area where a plane touches down, our mechanics travel domestically and internationally to service our jets wherever they may be.

“I’ve flown to Iceland and the Netherlands just to handle a maintenance issue that arose.” said Aviation West Charters Director of Maintenance, Dwain Chase. “We are 24 hours a day, seven days a week on demand. When our crew reports any unscheduled maintenance issue, we will be there.” Diane Root, Executive Assistant to Chase adds, “Having an in-house maintenance staff is essential for getting our planes back in the air with minimum down-time, quickly and effectively. Our technicians know these planes inside and out.”

A higher level of safety

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires additional standards of regulation when modifying any aircraft. Much like a vehicle manufactures’ warranty, if any customizations are made, maintenance schedules may be affected. Our planes are configured for a medical patients every need along with customizations and upgrades in avionics. The maintenance staff is responsible for the proper functioning of the standard equipment as well as any upgraded components. Essentially, they ensure that Angel MedFlight meets and exceeds the requirements of the FAA for a higher level of safety.

Educated and experienced technicians

Angel MedFlight employs only Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certified technicians for our air ambulance jets. Additionally, all employees have a minimum of 3 years experience in aviation mechanics. We support, encourage, and invest in our technicians to further their education and understanding of avionics.

“Our technicians get on-the-job training, working first hand with jets,” says Chase. “Continual education, including factory training, on the specific models of aircraft we use is essential for growth.”
The mechanics of Angel MedFlight are just as committed to a patient’s safety as the pilot, the flight nurse, and the rest of the Angel MedFlight staff.

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