The Fiscal Cliff Climber is Taking the Long Way Home

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight's Fiscal Cliff Climber

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance created The Fiscal Cliff Climber survey website to gauge what Americans believed was happening to the United States economy via indecision and partisan values. The creative team behind the Climber and his fate would prove to generate valuable insight into the thoughts of a divided nation. Will he fall off or not – the voters had the power.

The Fiscal Cliff Climber has been stuck on the cliff-top for quite some time, now. He began his journey on December 17, 2012. Running low on supplies, he is forced to make a decision: venture the long trail back home or make the jump into the unknown territory below. On December 31, 2012, he made the choice to back away from the edge and take his chances on the trail.

The decision

Although jumping off the cliff may have been the best way to get home faster, the risk was too great. The waters below were filled with shallow points, jagged rocks, strong currents, and other dangers unknown. In reality, much like the impact of falling off of the coined “fiscal cliff,” there were far too many unknown factors to make the leap. Congress believed avoiding the sharp descent to be the safest route to a stable economy. Spending cuts can be made, tax increases can be imposed, limitations and restrictions can be enforced. Future economic issues can now be enacted to avoid reaching that treacherous peak again.

The results

According to the polling website Fiscal Cliff Climber by Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance, the majority thought that falling off the cliff was the inevitable outcome. The results were clear with a commanding 66% of votes saying yes, we would fall off of the fiscal cliff, while 34% said they believe the drop will be avoided. One commenter states: “… it is quite clear we will be going off the cliff and we will just worry about it down the road.” On the other hand, one commenter had this to say: “No America won’t go off the cliff. This is nothing but a distraction. They always try to distract the people with scares of what could happen but rarely ever does. They will play with our heads until the last minute and then come to an agreement after accomplishing what they were trying to distract us from seeing all along. It’s how they play the game.”

The future

The outlook on the decision’s benefits and hurdles is slight to the majority of Americans. Cuts will be made in spending, having an effect on a multitude of Federally funded programs while other impacts will be felt by high-wage earners and home owners.

As for the Fiscal Cliff Climber, he will be rationing food and water in preparation for his long trek home. By staying on the right trails, he (and America) should make it home safely.

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