Air Ambulance Perspectives with Barry Keyles

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Barry Keyles of Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Service

In this edition of Air Ambulance Perspectives, we feature Barry Keyles. Barry is Chief Creative Officer, Senior Vice President at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Service. For more than 3 years, Barry has managed the creative outreach including web development and marketing to grow Angel MedFlight into a proud leader in the air ambulance industry.

AMF Contributor: What has been your most memorable experience at Angel MedFlight?

Barry Keyles: All of the growth that the company has experienced has played a part in why I love what I do. Probably the most amazing achievement or victory from a business and development perspective would be when we earned our Ethics Award from the Better Business Bureau. That was a large project for the marketing team and we put a lot of time and effort into securing that title.

AMF Contributor: What do you like most about working at Angel MedFlight?

Barry Keyles: I like a lot of different things about the company. Really, I enjoy working in a company on a growth trail. We enter uncharted waters as a leader in innovation. It requires the marketing team to do the research, and start from scratch with our ideas and implementation.

AMF Contributor: Do you have any personal goals to reach while at Angel MedFlight?

Barry Keyles: My main goal has always been to keep up with the web. The Internet is growing so fast, so I’m always focused on learning new things and staying ahead of the curve. So, basically, my goal is to grow in web development and IT, making Angel MedFlight the most user-friendly and technologically sound experience to people who need our service or simply want to know more about what we do.

AMF Contributor: Is there a particular story that has impacted you, personally?

Barry Keyles: They all impact me and leave lasting memories. From the very first moment of coming to Angel MedFLight, I realized there are little things that I can do to touch lives. The patients, their family members or case managers have to find us first, so I make that process easier and more accessible online. My new goal is to make our website easier to navigate using mobile devices. As for patient stories, we have flown some patients multiple times, so we’ve had the chance to get to know them quite well. The revisited stories tend to move me the most. One in particular – the story of Benjamin Rhy. That was a powerful story that makes me proud to work here at Angel MedFlight.

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