A Sense of Belonging – Air Ambulance Affiliations

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight is a proud member of medical and legal affiliates.

Angel MedFlight is a proud member of medical and legal affiliates.

Having friends by your side and sharing common interests is a great feeling. In these types of relationships, you get to spend time with people who can help you grow and learn new things. Clubs, fraternities, sororities, even volunteer groups create a sense of belonging. While Angel MedFlight is not a club, we do belong to multiple groups. One of these particular groups is Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS). This group advocates for safety and sets standards for the air ambulance industry.

AAMS – Established in 1980 as a voluntary, non-profit organization, the AAMS was founded to bring recognition to members reflecting safe operations and high quality patient care. Much like accreditation icons or security symbols, when companies and patients see the logo on websites or marketing materials, it embodies the values in which the company enacts.

As a member of the AAMS, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is committed to the standard core values required for admittance: Excellence, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Integrity, Professionalism, Responsiveness, and Transparency. All of these attributes sum up the character of our company. As this membership is not a requirement of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), we choose to show patients and competitors alike that we are committed to being a leader in the air ambulance industry beyond Federal requirements.

Additional Affiliations

In addition to AAMS, Angel MedFlight is affiliated with American Medical Association (AMA), American Case Management Association (ACMA), National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA), Concern Network, and Case Managers Society of America (CMSA).

ACMA – Providing mentoring, education forums, and resource information to hospital and health system case management professionals, the ACMA creates opportunities for networking among Case Managers and influences policies and laws related to best practices. We work with Case Managers on a daily basis. Our affiliation with ACMA provides us with up-to-date information and resources regarding case management for patients.

AMA – As a member of the AMA, Angel MedFlight has a wealth of informational and professional resources from top medical industry leaders and best practices. The AMA also supports patient-friendly laws, enables alternative payment models for patients, and fights against over-regulation of the medical industry. Our air ambulance service is completely patient-focused and parallel to the cause of the AMA.

NITA – Angel MedFlight employs a talented legal team. Consisting of seasoned professionals, their mission is to be advocates for the patients and seek insurance benefits on your behalf. As members of the NITA, we believe in effective and ethical advocacy for our patients. We also gain high quality, professional training and educational materials to better serve our patients.

Concern Network – Our membership affiliation with the Concern Network provides us with increased awareness of safety hazards in the medical transportation community. Established in 1984 by the Air and Surface Transport Nurses Association, this group reports incidents involving aircraft damage and patient/crew injury in the process of flight. The information provided assists in future prevention of similar incidents.

CMSA – A Case Manager’s goal is to assist their patients’ recovery and wellbeing. These medical professionals are members of this association to collaborate and share information that can assist in better care for medical patients.

We are very proud to be affiliated with membership programs that put the needs of the patient before the pursuit of profit. The information provided by proven experience is invaluable to our pilots, medical crew, and corporate staff to continue as a leader in the air ambulance industry.

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