Family, Fido and Flight – Your Companion Questions Answered

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight is happy to accommodate certain pets and breeds on a patient's flight

Angel MedFlight is happy to accommodate certain pets and breeds on a patient’s flight.

It’s inevitable. When people ask questions about air ambulance service, there is one question that seems to be making the rounds more than others. That question is: “Can anyone fly with me?” The answer to that common question is, yes. Let’s dive a little deeper into that subject.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance currently has a fleet of two Learjet 60’s and one Learjet 35. Each of these aircraft are medically configured and can accommodate approximately five passengers: one patient, two medical crew members, and two family members. However, as two people can make the cabin a little tighter, a single family member is recommended.

Storage space is limited and the majority of compartments have been utilized for medical purposes, so baggage space is limited as well (two carry-on size bags). The air ambulances are built for speed and safety – two important variables at Angel MedFlight – that allow for minimum travel time and maximum patient attention. If you have luggage that cannot fit on the aircraft, prior to the flight a Flight Coordinator will arrange for additional luggage to be shipped directly to your location of choice.

As Angel MedFlight has the ability to employ additional jets at times of medical necessity, a few patients may be able to fly on larger jets, such as Gulfstreams, and bring more than two family members (up to five). The type of jet will be announced by Flight Coordinators prior to the date of the flight in order to provide patients with sufficient time to make preparations.

In line with the question, “can anyone fly with me?,” people have asked “can I bring my pet?” In some cases, this answer is yes, as well. Pets can be an integral part of the healing process for patients – after all, they are family too. Angel MedFlight can accommodate certain types of pets. Flight Coordinators must be provided type, breed, vaccination confirmation, and must be confined to a pet carrier during the flight (for safety of the patient and crew). Restrictions do apply to some types and breeds and at this time, we cannot accommodate cats on the aircraft. Flight Coordinators can assist in further inquiries regarding pets.

We understand that patients and family members have a tremendous amount of emotion and concern in this process. That is why we coordinate all aspects of travel (sending/receiving facility, ground transportation, and air ambulance) on your behalf, making the healing process the primary priority. All of the details will be arranged prior to flight, providing complete transparency for the patient.

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