Your Eyes in the Sky – Flight Tracking Made Simple

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Air ambulance and commercial flight tracker - Angel MedFlight

Track flights – both commercial and charter – for more accurate pick-up times and flight statuses.

Remember the old days? Way back when people had to call you before boarding a flight to tell you when you need to pick them up from the airport or when they were landing. Technology has come a long way since then. Now, many airports have waiting areas with flight number and status displays. These displays inform those picking someone up if the flight is on time or delayed.

The airport has a number of obstacles when picking someone up or dropping them off. Towing, ticketing, parking lot fees, slow buses, impatient drivers and pedestrians, and taxis – just to name a few. Wouldn’t things be easier if a flight pick up can be arranged prior to your commute? If you didn’t have to check a flight status in the waiting lot – if you can minimize the stress of airport obstacles. Well, now checking a flight status is easier than ever before, and free!

There is on online service that allows people to access live flight tracking. This service is called Flight Aware, Live Flight Tracking. By entering in a flight number or the flight’s origin and destination, up to date flight information can be tracked all online before getting in your car.

For those not near a computer, the Flight Aware service is available as a mobile application as well. Check flight statuses anywhere and anytime. The download is free and available for Apple and Android devices.

Through this service, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance now brings further benefits to a patient’s family and friends. Now, those who were not able to travel with their loved one can check to see where the flight is located at any time in the process of the flight. The only information required for this particular search would be the Flight/Tail number – which can be provided via Angel MedFlight Flight Coordinators.

The website showcases additional features. Not only can you track flights, you can view an assortment of aviation photos, read blogs and articles regarding aviation from all around the world, join discussion forums, and much more. Even pilots have access to information and their own flight tracking resources.

For more helpful applications and services regarding safe travel, the US Department of the State offers helpful tips and travel resources for planning ahead.

Angel Medflight traditional standards of flight tracking remain. Our Flight Coordinators are still the most accurate resource for updated information regarding Angel MedFlight’s air ambulance flights.

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