Air Ambulance Perspectives with Jody Kozak

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Jody Kozak of Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Jody Kozak shares her experience as Travel Assurance Promise Contract Manager and Marketing Assistant with Angel MedFlight. She recalls her contributions and the effect the company has made in her life.

In this edition of Air Ambulance Perspectives, we feature Jody Kozak. Jody is the Contract Manager and Marketing Assistant for Travel Assurance Promise, Angel MedFlight’s affiliate membership program. Jody orders marketing material, schedules membership appointments, and provides concierge service.

AMF Contributor: What has been your most memorable experience at Angel MedFlight?

Jody Kozak: I remember sitting at home one evening watching the local news. I was watching the coverage of the family that we had just flown back home with their 5 babies (see the quintuplets story). I sat there in the comfort of my living room, and thought “wow”, how impressive. I was very proud to be part of an amazing team of people that made it possible.

The effort this company makes to help people in need of medical transport is great. Each patient has the full attention of the entire staff and is taken care of in any way necessary – legal, medical, emotional support – you name it.

AMF Contributor: What do you like most about working at Angel MedFlight?

Jody Kozak: I love the people, the management, the service – but most of all, I would have to say the reason I like working at Angel MedFlight would have to be knowing the positive impact we have in families lives on a daily basis.

AMF Contributor: Do you have any personal goals to reach while at Angel MedFlight?

Jody Kozak: Definitely! First, I would like to write more blogs for our Travel Assurance Promise website – so keep on the lookout for my posts. I would also like to reach out to the public and share with them who we are and what we do. I want those that do not know about us to be aware of the services we provide and how they could be a benefit.

Visiting with travel agencies and drawing more awareness to the fantastic offers made to members is a huge goal. I really believe in this service and hope to let as many people as I can in on it.

AMF Contributor: Is there a particular story that has impacted you, personally?

Jody Kozak: I really admire the history of Angel MedFlight and how it was developed. One man (Jeremy Freer) with a goal of providing the absolute best medical care and air ambulance experience for patients – and he did it. Jeremy’s innovation and determination have led this company to be a leader in the industry. Watching the evolution of the company is amazing.

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