Quint-Essential Air Ambulance Care

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Two Learjet 60's awaiting the arrival of the Lucero quintuplets

Two Learjet 60’s awaiting the arrival of the Lucero quintuplets on February 6th, 2013.

It was a busy morning in the hangar here at Angel MedFlight in Scottsdale, Arizona. News crews, pilots, air medical staff, and corporate staff were all on hand for the arrival of Jessica Neri-Lucero and her family. Jessica is the proud new mother of Quintuplets.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is not new to the concept of neonatal medical transportation. In October 2012, Carmen Matthews gave birth to quintuplets and requested Angel MedFlight’s air ambulance service. Our flight and medical crews provided the Matthews family with world-class care and were excited to do it again.

Jessica’s Journey

Jessica traveled from Watertown, New York to Banner Desert Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. This is where she would meet with renowned perinatologist, Dr. John Elliot. The pregnancy was monitored and scheduled for the day after Christmas 2012. Unfortunately, the first baby delivered, Leila Maxine passed away during delivery. The surviving 4 babies are now 6 weeks old and getting stronger by the day.

“We were willing to do anything,” Jessica said regarding the safe travel of her newborn babies. “I went across country and I didn’t care what it cost, I didn’t care what I had to do, because I wanted my kids to be ok. I wanted them to have the best outcome and I think all parents want that for their kids.”

Commercial travel back to New York was not an option. The medical needs and potential health risk of the children would need to be taken into consideration.

Jessica recalls her thought process on making the decision to choose Angel MedFlight. “There has to be somehow, some way, that we can get our kids safely home without introducing them to a bunch of germs because they’re preemies, and that can put them at risk.”

After speaking with Carl Anderson, one of the Administrative Coordinators at Angel MedFlight, Jessica was informed about the safe and specialized care her children would receive while in flight. She was ready to schedule her flight home.

Carl Anderson of Angel MedFlight meets with Jessica Lucero

Carl Anderson of Angel MedFlight meets with Jessica Lucero.

Upon her arrival and meeting with Carl Anderson for the first time in person, the Angel MedFlight medical crew began the transfer of the quintuplets from the ground ambulance to the Learjet 60’s. Each jet carried 2 infants and were medically configured to accommodate the Baby Pods as well as all necessary equipment to manage and monitor the babies. Jessica traveled in one Learjet 60 while her mother (and new grandmother) Guadalupe Neri, flew in the second.

The transport process will be approximately 3.5 hours and span across 2,320 miles.

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  1. OH Blog says:

    Thank you so much for your amazing care of the Lucero family and their babies!

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