To Go or Not To Go – Safety When Traveling Abroad

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight tips for safe travel

The US Department of the State warns travelers of dangerous countries with minimal US assistance available. Air ambulances are restricted on some level as well.

When we say we are a worldwide air ambulance service, we mean just that. We provide repatriation services to those in need of immediate medical attention. There are only a few select areas of particular countries in which, for security reasons, we cannot enter into to pick up patients. These restrictions are located within the following areas:

  • Africa: Ethiopia, Libya, and Somalia
  • Asia: North Korea
  • Middle East: Iraq

For your safety

The US State Department has issued travel warnings for those planning to travel to international destinations. There are currently 34 countries that possess a potential threat to civilian Americans. The countries listed have been deemed as dangerous or unstable – which could indicate political or civil war, violence or crime rates, etc. The US Government would have limited to no ability to assist those in need of extraction or assistance due to a closure of an US Embassy or Consulate shortage.

Although the US State Department has issued travel warnings to Americans, that does not necessarily mean that Angel MedFlight cannot make the journey. Flight restrictions are entirely different. For instance, Mexico is a country in which our pilots and medical crew have frequently traveled, yet it is among the names on the warning list.

The US Embassy of that particular country is the entity Angel MedFlight must coordinate extraction through. We recommend that prior to travel, you consult with Angel MedFlight’s Flight Coordinators to ensure you will be covered. They can provide any limitations on coverage including unauthorized landing areas in that country.

Plan ahead when traveling abroad

In addition, Angel MedFlight’s preferred membership program, Travel Assurance Promise, will cover you and your family in case of medical emergency and repatriation services are required. Depending on a foreign country for medical care can be a health risk. Angel MedFlight has the ability to fly a patient and two additional passengers home safely or to the specialist of your choosing.

Before planning an international excursion, verify the safety and restrictions of a country. Without proper research, becoming stranded can become a desperate reality.

Over the years, Angel MedFlight has made a large amount of international air ambulance medical flights. In fact, our longest flight to date was Saudi Arabia to Washington State. This was a total of 17,278 miles. Our flight crew will travel any distance to ensure a patient will be safely transported. If we are authorized, we will be there.

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