Community Champion Finalist – The Growth of an Air Ambulance Company


By: Angel MedFlight Contributor

We are grateful to have such amazing relationships, with both patients and professionals all around the world. Their recognition of our service and staff inspires us to continue on our path of innovation and world-class care. In addition to our public support, we are proud to say we have earned another honorable mention! Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance was recognized for the work done over the last few years, being named a Community Champion finalist for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Impact Awards.

Angel MedFlight was chosen based on the following areas of excellence: economic driver, entrepreneurial excellence and our response to adversity.

When it comes to patient safety, comfort, and legal representation, Angel MedFlight is a leader in the air ambulance industry. Not only do we operate the best equipment, but we employ the best people in their industries to continue moving onward and upward each and every day.  Ultimately, we strive to meet our mission statement which is all about patient safety and care.

Our corporate culture is one we are proud of. This reflects in the company’s growth and acknowledgement among patients and the public. Angel MedFlight employees see the big picture and the executive staff supports and enables that belief – that the patient comes first. Our founder, Jeremy Freer, still maintains an environment that employees appreciate, including: office parties, dog-friendly offices, and open door policies.

In 2007, there were only a handful of employees. To date, there are just under a hundred – some still the original hires. In a business where people and patient care come first, employees value the integrity of their efforts. Their work directly affect the lives of the patients they help. Patients and their families see value in a business that puts them before profits, and that’s why Angel MedFlight is in business. The need for change in the industry was evident and Mr. Freer has made that dream a reality.

The awards we value – the ones that really show our mission is being carried out – are patient testimonials. Hearing how we helped a family member return home for recovery and the impact that has made in the lives of so many people motivates us to continue raising the bar of the air ambulance industry.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce for recognizing Angel MedFlight as a business based on patient care and air ambulance innovation.

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