Give a Hand to Outstanding Case Manager: Connie Welker

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor


You hope to never need them, but when you do, you will understand how important a hospital Case Manger’s role can be towards saving lives.  Each month, Angel MedFlight would like to recognize some of the Case Managers we have the pleasure working with while planning medical transports from beginning hospital to receiving facility.

This month we are recognizing Connie Welker, RN, Clinical Case Manager at BDMC/CCMC Nursery ICU.  Connie works with Dr. John Elliot, a well-know doctor in the Valley for his work specializing in life-saving techniques with multiple births.  Connie has been an advocate for transporting these surviving babies with Angel MedFlight to make sure these little miracles get home safely.  See more about Connie’s experience with Angel MedFlight air ambulance below.

 AMF Contributor:  Tell us a little bit about your experience and describe your favorite part about being a Case Manager.

Connie Welker:  I have been a staff nurse and Nurse Manager in a Neonatal unit for 44 years with the last 15 years as Case Manager of the Neonatal Unit at Banner Desert Medical Center / CCMC.  I love the ability to be part of the team in supporting the families through their journey in the unit and then assisting with care coordination and discharge planning of the infants and families as they transition to home or another facility. 

AMF Contributor:   Why do you like working with Angel MedFlight to transport your patients?

Connie Welker: Although I knew of Angel MedFlight, I only recently was able to utilize their services in assisting two families with multiples return to their home hospitals.  The staff at Angel MedFlight were very professional in coordinating services with me, and we worked as a team in planning the flight for the infants and the paperwork that was required.  Their responsive communication was outstanding and our plan for transport was a success.  On the day of transport, the transport team was exceptional, experienced and very knowledgeable in their care of the infants, putting the parents at ease.  As the future unfolds for more multiples in our unit, I look forward to working with the team at Angel MedFlight.  Thank you.

Angel MedFlight sends a big thank you to Connie Welker.  Working with Case Managers is such an important part of our process.  If you are a Case Manager and would like more information about how we can simplify your workload, please email us at

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