A Day in the Life of Business Development at Angel MedFlight


Working in the Business Development Department at Angel MedFlight is always exciting, as you never know what each new day will bring.  We have been so busy already this year presenting our Learjet 35 at Barrett-Jackson and the Buckeye Air Fair, sponsoring the Yuma Rodeo and the Waste Management Open and being involved with various award recognitions, like Industry Leaders of Arizona and Impact Awards for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce.  Angel MedFlight works hard to help educate the general public about what it is we do in the air ambulance industry, but we also have a lot of work to do letting the hospitals know about what makes us the best choice for their patients.


As a proud member and sponsor of an organization such as the American Case Management Association, we are offered opportunities to travel all over the country to let hospitals know why they should trust Angel MedFlight.  Our first response is to explain our mission statement; patient care always comes first.  Then, we explain that we own and operate our Lear jets, adding to our perfect safety record.  Last, we let the case managers know that our entire team at Angel MedFlight wants to help make their jobs easier with our One Touch Promise (with just one call we handle all the details from beginning to end).   


Recently, our team traveled to Anaheim, California (that’s right, home of Mickey Mouse) to get involved with the ACMA trade show.  With over 250 case managers, there was more than enough to talk about.  Angel MedFlight was one of the busiest booths; giving away designer lotions and smiley-faced airplanes and talking about why we are the leader in the air ambulance industry.


During one of our conversations, we had a case manager say how much she appreciated the work we do and explained that she always calls us first since we can handle most of the details and make her day a little less stressful.  We graciously accepted the compliment, as we value all feedback from our case managers.


The day ended with a fun giveaway from each booth.  We had a gorgeous designer tote and Angel Medflight ball-cap with some lotions and other goodies that we raffled off to a lucky case manager.  The winner was the woman pictured, Dawn Knotts!


Trade show season is a busy time for the business development team as we work towards our goal to communicate the Angel MedFlight message to each and every person inside the healthcare industry and every person that may need us in the future.  If you would like more information about what we do, we would be happy to send you information.  Please email us at jvogel@angelmedflight.com

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